Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day reminds me of......some bloody good novels!

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Question of the day #64: What are you reading?

Black House  and The Regulators

Black House is fast-paced and a thrilling read so far on my Nook.  I'm about halfway through the book.  The Regulators is in paperback (for those places I read that I could drop it in water). I started this book years ago but didn't finish it.  Having just read Desperation this was an obvious choice for my next book.

Lauren Grodstein & Stephen King; Algonquin Book Club Event, 3/3

Webcast Event!
Lauren Grodstein & Stephen King; Algonquin Book Club Event, 3/3

Stephen King interviews Lauren Grodstein about her new book A Friend Of The Family.

This book has been touted as the best book of the year.

***Algonquin is giving away 10 copies of this book on their facebook page. This was copied from their page.

We have 10 copies of A Friend of the Family up for grabs to those who want to participate in the live webcast. Just leave a comment here or on our Facebook page to enter. Good luck!***

$10,000 was riding on this question today

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire had this question during the show. 

With members like Stephen King and Amy Tan, what rock band of famous authors often performs at charity events?

A:  Galley Proof Band                                B:  Traveling Quillburys
C:  The Stringers                                       D:  Rock Bottom Remainders

Get this, the lady's name was Sharon King and "claimed" to be a Stephen King fan.  She jumped the question which was worth $10,000.00.  Now, had I been on this show, with my somewhat extensive knowledge of Stephen King I would have won some serious moola with this question.

D. The Rock Bottom Remainders

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