Thursday, July 29, 2010

Under The Dome mini-series with Stephen Spielberg as Director

Ms. Mod. SKMB verified that Stephen Spielberg has optioned the rights for Under The Dome.  There hasn't been any other information regarding a timeline for when the mini-series might be produced or aired.  Once information becomes available I will post.  :) 

Fan Choice for Barbie:

I say absolutely to Sam Worthington!  He rocked in all of his films.  Avatar, Terminator Salvation, and Clash of the Titans

Fan Choice for Big Jim Rennie:

When choosing a photo, John Goodman had to look hateful even though we all know he is a teddybear at heart.  He has been acting since '77 in Jailbait Babysitter, (one I can honestly say I haven't seen) his longevity in the business speaks for itself. Casting John Goodman for Big Jim Rennie is a great idea.  Roseanne, Evan Almighty, and The Big Lebowski is only a minuscule number of his acting gigs throughout the years.       

Fan Choice for Phil Bushey:

Could good ole Charlie keep it together long enough to shoot a mini-series?  Maybe si maybe no.  Phil Bushey would course through his veins, so to speak. Charlie "The Chef" Sheen, nice ring to it.  Credits include:  Two and a Half,  Men, Wall Street, Platoon    

Fan Choice for Julia Shumway:
Julianne Moore would make an excellent Julia Shumway.  When I originally read the description she sort of came to my mind, so great suggestion.  Her intensity on screen would be great for this role.  Hope to see her under the dome.  Credits include: Hannibal, The Hours, Psycho

Fan Choice for Junior Rennie:

Ryan Hurst could play the dirtied Junior Rennie with ease.  I say YES!  Thanks for this choice.  Credits include:  Sons of Anarchy  Harry "Opie" Winston (personally love him in this role)

Fan Choice for Rusty Everette:

Jason Bateman is the bomb!   He is so charasmatic, loveable, funny and a pleasure to watch.  He could play the role of Rusty Everette well..  I really hope he is considered for the role of Rusty.  Credits:  Silver Spoons, Little House on the Prarie, ( from back in the day), Arrested Development, and Hancock


  1. Okay.
    But what I would really love to see is
    Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn in Duma Key.
    Who wouldn't want to see Mel Gibson get it by a big old piece of Machinery and Goldie Hawn as the art curator. I have been seeing it ever since reading he book.

  2. Ha! Ha! Thanks David for the mental image. Yes, Mel Gibson is deserving of the mangling but Edgar is kind of a cool guy, too nice for Mel. No comment regarding Goldie Hawn.

  3. Drew Barrymore all grown up in Lisey's Story.

  4. I'm excited that this will wind up as a mini-series. That's the perfect format and length for this book. Looking forward to seeing who they cast as Barbie - loads of great opportunities there! Also Big Jim Rennie - must be able to channel pure evil.

  5. i think sam worthington should play barbie

  6. John Goodman Has to play Big Jim Rennie!

  7. John Goodman would make a GREAT Big Jim Rennie.

  8. Also I think charlie Sheen could be Phil Bushey

  9. You know I was wondering who Charlie Sheen could play. Keep them coming, I'll keep adding them! :D

  10. Just finished reading the book and got a couple of suggestions. I'm all about the casting of Barbie and Big Jim Rennie, but I don't think Charlie Sheen would be on board to play Chef Bushey, although the idea is very funny. I'm thinking maybe Julianne Moore as Julia Shumway and Ryan Hurst as Junior Rennie. Just off the top of my head.

  11. Also, Jason Bateman as Rusty Everett and Jennifer Carpenter as Linda Everett.

  12. Barbie = Clay Matthews from Green Bay Packers
    Big Jim = Meatloaf or a fat Gary Busey

  13. Steve Buchemi as Phil

  14. John Goodman was the first person I thought of as Big Jim.


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