Monday, December 20, 2010

Ron Howard is devoting a lot of time to 'The Dark Tower'

In this L. A. Times article The Dark Tower: Ron Howard's (plans) and passion for Stephen King Epic

Ron has admitted to devoting a lot of time to The Dark Tower, spending a full year prior to taking on the project.  (My feeling is that Ron Howard wants to get it right.  If this film is done correctly it could gross more than LotR with a huge King following to tout it or it could fail horribly if too much time is spent on logistics.  Unfortunately, time is money in Hollywood so I have to wonder what is going to suffer to try to keep the costs down.)

Hugh Jackman
6' 2" to 6' 3" 

Ron explained that this project is very exciting because there is so much room for interpretation. (Personally, that is the appeal of Stephen King's books; he doesn't have to spell out every aspect of his books to his readers. King has always allowed us, his constant readers, to dream and create images with our own minds based on our own experiences to fill in the grey areas. In my opinion, I have always disliked when a movie seems to "plagiarize" the work of an author. A film should have some individuality or slight differences from its original source. There should be some allowances for a director/producer to have a creative vision, otherwise it would be just a copy, usually a bad copy, of the original. I’m just sayin’.)

Ron Howard talks about who might play the lead Roland Deschain.

Daniel Craig
5' 10"

 What do you think about these possible actors?

Jon Hamm

Friday, December 17, 2010

Yay! UStream Chat Released

This is a chance to see the chat if you missed it on  Enjoy, I know I will again and again. 

UStream Chat Here

 "One of the best short story collections."  Stephen King 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephen King admits, "It scares the hell out of me." on NPR

Stephen King talks about how collected data is not good for an author. 

See below for a related article about ebooks.

Read this article The Wall Street JournalWhy Ebooks Aren't Scary
OCTOBER 29, 2010

King discusses the pros and cons of ebooks vs. physical books.  He explains how researching is easier on the Kindle.  He talks about how he has thousands of books already but has been known to buy a physical book when he already has the digital copy.  He likes to have the real book to place on his shelf.  (This is something I have been guilty of doing myself for example Justin Cronin's The Passage.)          

Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Chick City is Hosting a 2011 Stephen King Reading Challenge

Book Chick City has come up with a great challenge this year.  You can either read 6 or 12 of Stephen King's books in 1 year.  Click on the Pennywise button to enter.  The rules are fairly simple.   
Hey, this challenge is right up my dark alley.  This is one of my absolute favorite pastimes, reading Stephen King books.  There’s no need to twist this arm too hard, I am totally in Book Chick City.  I’ve had a few of his books on the back burner for a while now, so now is the time to read and reread.  Who else is in?

Any and all comments are welcome! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Beautiful Evening in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Isn't this a cool Clock Tower in downtown Portsmouth?
 Where the heck are McFly and Doc?
Clear skies, little to no wind, and temperatures above freezing was the blissful northern weather we experienced for the book signing.  It was a perfect evening.  Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a lovely town with quaint shops and plenty of history.  The town's sidewalks are paved with red brick which made me think of Coronado, CA (A place that I very much loved living before).  When we showed up at River Run Bookstore Stephen King was already there along with Joe Hill, his son.  Just imagine how cool it would be to say "My father is Stephen King." :))) 

We also met the guy whose image was used  by Michael Whelen for Father Callahan in Discordia  in front of RR when we showed up at the storefront window.  He was there to get a book signed too.  We asked him how Betts Bookstore was doing and he said it was doing well.  He was also surprised  that someone recognized him. 

When we got inside I was shocked to hear what a die-hard biker King is.  He said that he rode his Harley from Maine to New Hampshire. Brrrr  That is about 154 miles and about 3 hours in 30 degree weather. Brr Brr 

When it was my turn to get my book signed, I wore a custom-made sweatshirt with my winning entry on the front.  King read that it said Stephen's Empire which got his attention.  In the picture I took you can tell he is trying to make out what it meant.  (Take note of the look of confusion on his face.  Not the look I was hoping to capture but oh well.)  That is when I snapped the picture.  Beforehand, we were advised to turn the flash off of all cameras, which we did but at the same time I was taking my photo someone else snapped a photo with a flash.  I thought the flash came from my camera (but it didn't).  That is when I got all worried that I was going to be reprimanded by one of the on-duty police officers.  At the same time that I was stressing about the flash, he asked what the caption read on the picture. Unfortunatley I didn't answer his question because I was unaware that he asked it.  My family relayed it too me after the fact.   The caption was still very small even after having been blown up a little for the shirt.   I explained that I was one of the winners and that Eddie's of Roland Park was my entry.  He said, "Oh (smiled and extended his hand for me to shake it. OMG)  I smiled and shook his hand but didn't answer his question about the caption. Drat to the person who didn't turn off their flash!!!   My nervousness was apparant after the flash went off. I then told him how much I liked Full Dark, No Stars, and told him, "Thanks."  He smiled and replied by saying, "You're welcome."     

King is a super-nice, congenial person.  He really is great to his fans and also generous with his time even when he is signing 400+ books.     
David Williamson aka Father Callahan


Sorry about the poor quality, this is what it looks like without a d*mn flash!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chat with Stephen King

On December 8, 2010  @ 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern 4:00 Pacific Stephen King will be chatting on UStream about Full Dark, No Stars.  This is a rare opportunity to get to talk to him  and get some questions answered about the book we all just devoured.  RSVP to the chat here

Send any questions in advance to Scribner/Simon and Schuster

ATSK goes to Portsmouth, NH

My family and I are making the 9 hour trek to River Run Bookstore to see King this Thursday for the 'FDNS' signing.  The only thing that I am hoping for is for the weather to warm up a bit so we aren't standing out in the cold for endless hours. :(  I guess you have to do what you've gotta do to see King in person.  IMO it is totally worth it.       

King's Top 10 of '10

Entertainment Weekly Post  has not posted this article to the website yet but it has already hit some other sites.
This has been osted on The Awards Circuit click link to view this site's listed top 10 for King.

1. Let Me In is on film that was discussed at length at the New Yorker Festival this past October.   

2. The Town  with  the wierd, scary-looking nun on the front.  This cover is wrong on so many levels  but can't wait to see this one.

3. Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio, I'm sure won't disappoint.  That is one I have been anticipating for a while now.  Our movie watching has been happening at home lately but we did go to the theatre to see Harry Potter, great movie! (Everyone at the theatre was glued to their seats for the entire movie.)

4. The Social Network

5. Takers

6. Kick-Ass

7. Splice

8. Monsters

9. Jackass 3D

10. Green Zone
View the rest at the above link.  Once they are posted on I will come back here and post them all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is regarding Turkey Day........ O> (turkey smiley)

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope it was the best one ever!  (If you don't, you saved yourself a few thousand calories.)  There has been so much to be thankful for this year.  Mostly, ATSK thanks you, the reader, for adding so much to this site.  Your excitement about SK fuels my excitement more every day.  I passed on the turkey smiley from my niece, lol.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bridgton Bookstore in Bridgton, ME

There was a small number of Full Dark, No Stars books that were signed by Stephen King for Bridgton Bookstore.  The store sells to locals only.  The person who answered the phone was surprised to hear that one of the books that was purchased at the store was on ebay.  The person on the phone stated that he tries to only sell to local collectors or churches.  I was also invited to stop in the store if I am ever in the local area.  (If I ever do go to Bridgeton, ME that will be one of my stops with hopes of a possible signed book, any signed book by King.)

Signed Full Dark, No Stars on ebay (completed listing).  Reseller sold it for $262.00

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Reviews for 'Full Dark, No Stars'

USA Today review
Financial Times review

"This book hit me like a freight train, I'm still reeling.  This is a great collection of novellas/"  All Things Stephen King

My blurb:  The utterly chilling story 1922 takes gruesome to a new level.  When a marriage sours over a dispute involving some property, a plan is devised to put an end to said dispute; a deadly end. 1922 tells a grisly story about a family and others decimated by treachery, madness, and murder because a couple could not compromise. 

While reading the tale at midnight last night this song kept replaying in my mind.
The Fixx One Thing Leads To Another go here to read the lyrics.   When this story ended I thought; Rats, it's over!   


The story Big Driver takes your emotions on a wild ride.  This is a story about a mystery writer named Tess.  When Tess is returning home from a speaking engagement for a book group, she is ensnared in a trap meant to end her life.  You will find that Tess’ resolve is admirable and quite cunning.

Fair Extension was a good story that stirred overwhelming feelings of pity for Tom Goodhugh. ****SPOILER ALERT!  Tom Goodhugh 'falls from grace' in the worst way possible.  No girlfriend-stealing person deserves what happened to him.END SPOILER ALERT****  The ending left me thinking hmmmm, wasn't expecting that!  I was really hoping for a different outcome for Streeter.

In the expertly-written story called A Good Marriage, King writes a thought-provoking story about betrayal, deception, and intense fear.  This story begs the questions, how well do you really know your spouse (or anyone close to you) and what would I do if I was in the same situation?  This is one of those stories that make you go hmmmmm... 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stephen King writes 'Suck On This'

Exclusive Stephen King Article:  Suck On This posted September 29, 2010 Suck on This written May 8, 2010

In King's article Suck On This, he discusses the comics that whet his appetite as a child.  When preparing for American Vampire he was sent some comics for inspiration such as Northlanders and Scalped which he liked.  SK chimes in on what he calls the "sweetie-vamp" craze.  I think he is trying to say that wimpy vampires that only indulge in Bloody Marys are not all that scary.

Scalped Vol. 1: Indian Country
Northlanders Vol. 1: Sven The Returned

Comics: December

Dark Tower:  Little Sisters of Eluria #1 Release date:
December 2010 

There will be another event for 'Full Dark, No Stars' yet to be announced.

Ms. Mod confirmed that there will be another event for the release of FDNS.  This statement leaves a lot for speculation.  What will the event be?  Where will it be?  When will it be?  The announcement has not been made yet but I will be watching closely for any updates in the news.  There was also a confirmation that there won't be any television interviews for this book only print. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas came early this year!

When I opened the door this afternoon and saw a media mail envelope addressed to me from Marsha DeFilippo, I about flipped out!  This is also 4 days before publication!   SK even personalized it by writing my name in it!  Just like I say all the time Stephen King YOU ROCK in my book, well in any book that is! :-)

Question of the Day #55: Would you make a deal with the Devil and ask for an extension of something? If so, what would it be? if you haven't done so already, listen to the excerpt of Fair Extension

This excerpt got the juices flowing.  Fair Extension made me wonder what I would do in the exact same situation.  For me, I feel the stakes are too high to make a deal with the Devil.  (I kind of like my soul as is, flawed as it may be, thank you very much.)  If I could get an extension on anything, no strings attached of course,  it would have to be to extend  my life to live to the ripe old age of 110.  110 years seems like a "fair" number.  lol  

What would you do?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stephen King Biography -

Stephen King Biography -

These are a few snippets of the Bio. True Story's DVD biography of Stephen King.  I hope to record the show in its entirety sometime soon. My goal is to keep checking the schedule to see if this comes up on the guide, fingers crossed.  If it shows up on the guide I will post dates and times for those who haven't seen it yet.  Or I just may buy it from Amazon.  This has now been placed on my want list.

This is a short written bio on Stephen King on Biography Channel's website.
King Quoted: click here
"I recognize terror as the finest emotion and so I will try to terrorize the reader. But if I find that I cannot terrify, I will try to horrify, and if I find that I cannot horrify, I'll go for the gross-out. I'm not proud."  A Very Tight Place comes to mind ha ha. biography

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dark Tower Gets A Release Date

Click herer for article:  The Dark Tower Gets A Release Date
with Ron Howard at the helm the date is set for  Friday May 17, 2013.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sorry folks!

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with the news lately because I'm ill and currently on the mend.  I have been sleeping a lot for the last couple of days.  When I am feeling better I will catch back up on all things King.                               

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cemetery Dance Announces Special Editions of 'Full Dark, No Stars'

Cemetery Dance:  There will be 3 editions of the soon to be released Full Dark, No Stars.    Look at the quality of this cover art and artwork.  Each edition will have a unique cover, check them out here.  
1.  Slipcased Gift Edition Hardcover $75.00 Limited to 1,750  50% Sold within 24 hours!
2.  Traycased & Signed Limited Edition Hardcover $350.00 Limited to 750 SOLD OUT within 24 hrs!
3.  Traycased & Signed Deluxe Lettered Edition Hardcover $1,500.00 Limited to 52 SOLD OUT within 24 hrs!

There will be 4 artists involved with this project. 


Monday, October 18, 2010

Final 12 Photos Selected

The final 12 were selected for Stephen's Empire and MINE was one of the 12!  I am so very excited!!  This comes very close to one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.  Congrats to all the winners of Stephen's Empire.  I also noticed that Pho King Way was a winner too! (still ROTF LMAO!)  This contest was a total blast!  And may I add, thanks SK again for making my day, week, year!!!  

This photo almost wasn't taken.  When I googled places, I saw that there was a Roland Park in Baltimore, MD which was kind of far for us to drive in the evening.  My husband plugged all of the addresses into the GPS and drove while I took pictures on other sign-scouting days.  My husband had been very busy that week, when I told him not to bother with Baltimore he said that we were going to go no matter how busy he was.  (I'm glad he insisted!)  We found Roland Park and while turning the corner we saw this sign, I thought how perfect is this?  Roland and Eddie together again!   Eddie's of Roland Park is a gourmet grocery store that started in 1944!  My favorite things about the photo are the red bricks, the pub lights, and the contrasting white ornate lettering. 

Now this is when I have to thank my husband and son for all the great support even if it was a little obsessive!  Thanks guys you are the greatest!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NEW: 'Full Dark, No Stars' Interactive Website Unveiled with free downloads

Simon and Schuster has created an Interactive Site  for Full Dark, No Stars at  Read also, Stephen King's Liner Notes on 1922 tab. The entire site is devoted to each short story and will be revealed over time (weekly) so keep checking back to their site for new content.  SK makes 1922 sound especially scary, so much so that it scared him?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Final 50 of the 150 submissions released

Click Here for Stephen's Empire

Moments ago, Ms. Mod posted the 50 finalists before the final 12 are chosen.  Go check them out!  Good Luck Everyone!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stephen King to do a book signing for 'Full Dark, No Stars'

Sold Out!
Okay, I will admit it, I was wrong about a book signing for Stephen King.  The SKMB was so adamant about not doing any for this book.  ATSK is thrilled to hear he is doing a signing this year and possibly more! 

River Run Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH is hosting the booksigning.  They don't have anything posted to their website as of yet.  The date is going to difficult for out-of towners but if you can get the time off around the holidays, this would be well worth it.  The date of the event is Thursday, December 2, 2010.  They will be selling 400 tickets with 50 standby tickets priced at $27.99 each.

You must email with a number for them to contact you.

Read full press release:  FDNS

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Promo video and audio for 'Full Dark, No Stars' and New Interactive Site

Audio Excerpt from Full Dark, No Stars

Simon and Schuster has created an Interactive Website devoted to each short story for Full Dark, No Stars @   Read also, Stephen King's Liner notes on 1922.  The entire site for each short story will be revealed over time (weekly) so keep checking back on their site.  SK makes 1922 sound especially scary, so much so that it scared him?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The New Yorker Festival Vid of Stephen King at The Vampire Revival

In this video Stephen King is asked whether he was the one who started The Vampire Revival back in the 70's. This is some of the video that I captured, if you would like to see the video in its entirety go to for $4.95 you can watch it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

All Things Stephen King attending The New Yorker Festival tomorrow!!!!

Can't wait to get there and see Stephen King in NYC!!!  Hope to get some photos of the event (if allowed.)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blood and Smoke audiobook excerpt read by Stephen King

Simon and Schuster Blood and Smoke audiobook "Eeeeeeee, I teach you!"  Listen to Stephen King read an excerpt from the audiobook that will release October 5, 2010.

Stephen King talks to USA Today

The comic American Vampire comes out in hardcover today.  The entire volume includes all five of Stephen King's contirbutions.  Honestly, I'm missing the wordslinger King but Scott Snyder's American Vampire is a comic I won't abandon anytime soon.   This comic is a thrilling ride with art that is exceptional.  Including Stephen King was a wise decision indeed for Vertigo.  Hardcore vampire and King fans love this series.

King spoke with USA Today about his thoughts on romantic vampires and a possible new original endeavor in comics Afterlife.  [ "A traditional vampire is always a taker, and that's the story of American expansion and laissez-faire and the rise of industrialism," says King, adding that Skinner's violent streak is his most essentially American trait. "The idea that he wants to come back and get his vengeance and he wants to get it as fast as he can and as harshly as he can, that's a very American desperado thing."]  For Full Article click here.

A second article has been added:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final 50 selected for Stephen's Empire

Stephen's Empire

The final 50 submissions were selected.  The selection was made just before the end of the day on Friday 24, 2010.  This weekend was very busy so today was my first opportunity to post something regarding the contest.  According to Ms. Mod. there will be one more cut of the 150 to 50 then the final 12 will be chosen.  (I am hoping that my 6 entries will make it through to the next round, crossing my fingers.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

These were the books that were on Stephen King's Pink Kindle

CNN's storyA Real Cliffhanger
               Will e-books kill hardbacks?

What a surprise to see that Stephen King spoke with CNN about ebooks.  IMO he needs to do more interviews and public appearances.  That being said, these were the books that were shown on the front page of the pink Kindle that SK was holding during the interview. 

Ordinary Thunderstorms William Boyd

Never Look Away: A Thriller Linwood Barclay

The Angel's Game Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Blockade Billy Stephen King

The Bullpen Gospels Dirk Hayhurst

A Reliable Wife Robert Goolrick

Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck

Roses Leila Meacham

Roman Orgy Marcus Van Heller 

When Stephen King is asked if he goes back and reads his own books he replies "Very rarely, very rarely, I know how they come out."

Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation

CNN will be airing an Interview with Stephen King

According to the SKMB, Stephen King will be interviewed on CNN about ebooks.  The times listed were 7:20 AM and 8:24 AM, if you miss it they may post on their site later today.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Sons Of Anarchy' Photos For Upcoming Cameo Appearance

Sons Of Anarchy Stephen King Photos on Daemon's TV.  Stephen King "all leathered up" will be appearing (on his Birthday) September 21, 2010 for a cameo on Sons of Anarchy.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

King talks with EW about casting 'Twilight' cast members for 'Dark Tower'

Twilight cast members?  Nevah in a million years!  That was a good one SK!  Read what he says about Angela Basset.  King expressed his interest in wanting to be a PAIN for the films.   Entertainment Weekly Article click here

Follow StephenKing_ on Twitter

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Official Press Release for 'The Dark Tower' Films

NBC Universal Official Press Release:   

Even though this was rumored before, a press release has now been released.

Stephen King Official TV and Film Tracker

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rock Out with Stephen King Daily

Stephen King's rockin' radio station WKIT 100.3 FM Radio Bangor follow link then click Listen Now on tabs.  I've listened to it a few times and the DJ's are good and the music is great, mostly classic rock.  King cranks the music and writes.

Boston Red Sox Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap (Navy, Large)Stephen King's sports radio station WZON AM Radio Bangor follow link then click Listen Live.  Stephen King has been seen wearing this hat a lot.

Talk radio station owned by Stephen King The Pulse 103.1 FM. (Sorry no streaming from their site.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

King's Commercial for American Express 1986

King says, “Do you know me? It’s frightening how many novels of suspense I’ve written, but still when I’m not recognized it just kills me. So instead of saying I wrote Carrie, I carry the American Express Card. Without it, it makes life a little scary.” (another announcer) Then King says “American Express (whispers) don’t leave home without it.”  

The quality is okay but wanted it on my site. Stephen King Rocks!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question Of The Day #54 : If you had a chance to look at the photos from Stephen's Empire, what were your favorites?

Favorites Group 1 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #60 "For your little monsters!",  #110 "Suffer The Little Children",  # 212 "Free tank of gas and a Possession with Every Car."

#60    This one just made me laugh.  If you are a parent "monster" is putting it mildly.
#110  This one was soooo sad, and at the same time really funny.
#212  I thought that this person put a lot of thought into this submission.

There were others in this group that I liked, but these were my favorites.  Later today I may post my secondary favorites to see if any of these are picked for the final 12.

Favorites Group 2 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #591 Pho King Way, #610  "I said 'Sai King' not 'Sign King' you idiot!",  #569 "I'm sick of these pyrokinetic students! If we have to rebuild this place one more time....."

#591   I blogged about this one before ROTF LMAO with this one.
#610   This one struck me as being cleaver and funny.
#569   This person looked at the photo and did such a great job of describing the goings on in the photo.  LOL    

Favorites Group 3 Photo Submissions Click Here:    #1098 "King's Haunted House of Whores (Horrors)" #1100 "I've got an itchy feeling that's something's missing," said Edgar Freemantle."  #1392 "King makes it all connect."

#1098  Whores (horrors),  now that's funny :D!
#1100  The caption matched the photo so well, loved it!
#1392  The tie in to The Dark Tower and how King manages to connect most of his books to DT.

   Please go to, check out the semi-finalists and see what you think, come back and write about it.

Today 9/4/10 "The Stand" on Syfy

Sep 4 03:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part One

Sep 4 05:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Two

Sep 4 07:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Three

Sep 4 09:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Four

Set those DVR's!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Submissions, Submissions, and more Submissions

Stephen's Empire
Tomorrow is the last day to get your photo submissions in.  It looks as though there may be 800-1000 submissions to be judged in the last round depending on how many get posted tomorrow.  There will only be 50 unless they change their minds about how the contest is going to work.  The total number in the semi-finals is supposed to be 150.  The last round is going to be a tough round to judge.  (Better them than me.)  I have loved going through all of the submissions they are all so good.  We should know the final 50 on or about September 20.  The final 12 will be announced sometime at the end of the month with the books being distributed on or about November 9, 2010.  Good luck if you entered.

Update:  1056 was the total amount for the final group of submissions that will be judged.  I did notice that some of the submissions didn't have photos which will disqualify them, dang, and some of the captions were really good.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just in case you haven't seen this: Car rams gate at Stephen King's home

Now that's some rotten luck for the person who ran into the gate.  Sorry to hear about the damage SK, thankfully no one was hurt.    Read article here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen King Reads From His Book "On Writing" And Answers Questions

Stephen King: The 'Craft' Of Writing Horror Stories
Just found this audio clip from Jul 2, 2010 from previous interviews.

25 minute audio clip talking about his accident and Gerald's Game

(First time I have heard this audio.)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stephen King Picks The Next 50 Semi-Finalists

Stephen's Empire

The next 50 posts were picked but they weren't shown in Flash like last time.  Earlier it had been posted that the entries would run from numbers 401-800 but the cut-off looks like it was well past 800.  The final entry was number 885.  So, I am unsure where the actual cut-off was...maybe 900? You will need to go through all the posts and find out what post numbers belonged to yours or just to see who the Semi-Finalists were.  (I have 4 entries now in total!!!!)  The Road King sign is not one of my entries but found it to use as a visual next to this post on lol see post # 52 for 1-50

Confirmed post numbers 401-900 were judged in this round.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the 1 Year Anniversary my 13 year old son is posing this Question of the Day #53: What do you think Stephen King should write a book about?

My son said, "That tunnel."  This is called the Fort McHenry Tunnel going into Baltimore, Stephen King rode through this to get to the Baltimore book signing.  Hope he writes this one, scary-looking huh?  If you missed this video listen when SK talks about this tunnel in one of my other blog posts.  I agree with my son's choice, that tunnel. 

Happy 1 Year Anniversary All Things Stephen King!!

Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary  Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

It has been 1 year today since the start of All Things Stephen King.  When looking at the date it dawned on me that one whole year has passed already.  Yahoo!  I've enjoyed researching, blogging, and passing on information about Stephen King so much throughout the past year and the plans are to continue forth in the future. My hopes are that this blog has served you well throughout the past year and hope to serve you in the future.

The New Yorker Festival with King

ADVANCE TICKETS SOLD OUT!!!  There will still be a limited number of tickets for sale at the door.
Here's a chance to see the master again. 
Stephen King will be on a panel discussion (Oct. 2, 2010) about vampires in popular culture at The 11th Annual New Yorker Festival. The festival runs from Oct 1 thru Oct 3, 2010.  Tickets will be available beginning September 10, 2010.  When more information is available it will be passed on.

New Yorker Festival Announces Lineup full article

You can purchase tickets at their ticketing site The Vampire Revival, or by phone at 800-440-6974. Pricing is $30.00 per ticket with a $5.00 fee per ticket.

Highest-paid Authors

About a week ago in Forbes Magazine this article was released with King (duh) as one of the highest-paid authors. 

List Includes:

1.  James Patterson  with a whopping $70 million last year in earnings.
2.  Stephanie Meyer earned $40 million.
3.  Stephen King @ $34 million.
4.  Danielle Steel made $32 million.
5.  Ken Follet (British author) with  $20 million banked.

For the article which is an interesting read: (not sure if the link works but if you highlight and paste in the address bar that should work ) also see on same page click through to Top Ten w/photos.

Full Dark, No Stars audio version with Craig Wasson and Jessica Hecht

The audiobook for Full Dark, No Stars will be read by the same person that read Blockade Billy Craig Wasson (credits listed on IMDb) and Jessica Hecht (her credits on IMDb and a Tony Award nominee for the Broadway show A View From The Bridge official website).  The audio version will be released at the same time as the book.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simon and Schuster releases excerpt of Full Dark, No Stars

Read the Excerpt for A Good Marriage through Simon and Schuster

Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's An Article I Wanted To Pass On....

After reading this story I knew I had to pass it along.  Even though Gospel and Blues aren't my favorite types of music, I felt that because someone was taking King's words and putting them to music I had to blog about it.  If you remember in Bag Of Bones, the singer Sarah was singing a song throughout the story.  Nicole Christian, a Toronto Blues singer and huge King fan, took what King began and wrote a song based on the lyrics he provided in the book.  She named the song Barn Dance which can be heard at the end of the article (link provided below).  I loved hearing his words set to music.  Her story came full circle, except I have to wonder if King will influence her life or work any more than he already has?  What did you think about this story?  Please let me know what you thought of it. 

Article:  King Takes a Shining To Toronto Blues Singer on

Samples of Nicole Christian's work on YouTube Channel

Nicole Christian's myspace page

Nicole Christian's Facebook page

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FEAR net has photos of the 'The Boogeyman' and we have the trailer.

For sketches of The Boogeyman and a small write-up about the upcoming movie visit FEAR net.

Friday, August 6, 2010

NPR National Public Radio Lists Top 100 Killer Thrillers

Stephen King had 6 novels, count them 6, chosen out of 600 novels with over 17,000 ballots cast.  Here I listed the results for Stephen King.  One of the authors whose books Stephen King reads religiously,  Lee Child got a few nods.  For the full article and  to find out the other 94 novels on the list visit NPR.

# 7.    The Shining
# 12.  The Stand
# 22.  IT
# 37.  Salem's Lot
#44.   Pet Sematary
#45.   Dead Zone

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Few Photos Of "The King"

Devoted Pics has about 14 images of Stephen King, some of which I hadn't seen before.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Full Dark, No Stars Gets 4 out of 5 Roses From One Reviewer

Looks as though Rosebud Book Reviews gives Full Dark, No Stars  a thumbs up.  Sounds to me like you will be on the edge of your seat with the victim/perpetrator scenes which were also presented in The Gingerbread Girl which I liked very much.  I found myself actually holding my breath at times.  It will be interesting to see how the stories in Full Dark, No Stars compare to The Gingerbread GirlClick here for full review. 

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