Monday, December 13, 2010

Book Chick City is Hosting a 2011 Stephen King Reading Challenge

Book Chick City has come up with a great challenge this year.  You can either read 6 or 12 of Stephen King's books in 1 year.  Click on the Pennywise button to enter.  The rules are fairly simple.   
Hey, this challenge is right up my dark alley.  This is one of my absolute favorite pastimes, reading Stephen King books.  There’s no need to twist this arm too hard, I am totally in Book Chick City.  I’ve had a few of his books on the back burner for a while now, so now is the time to read and reread.  Who else is in?

Any and all comments are welcome! :)


  1. Thinking about joining in. I don't think there are 6 I haven't read but I could read the Dark Tower series over and over forever :)

    New follower too. King's my favorite too!

  2. Hi Laura @ Bunny Tales,

    Welcome, welcome. :) Thanks for commenting. A reread on the Dark Tower would be great.

    BTW I noticed you have a blog named Bunny Tales. I have a grey rabbit named Fluffy. Do you have one? We rescued him a couple of years ago. Rabbits are neat pets to have.

    I would like to follow your blog but I am unable to follow you. There wasn't a follow button near followers.



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