Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stephen King admits, "It scares the hell out of me." on NPR

Stephen King talks about how collected data is not good for an author. 

See below for a related article about ebooks.

Read this article The Wall Street JournalWhy Ebooks Aren't Scary
OCTOBER 29, 2010

King discusses the pros and cons of ebooks vs. physical books.  He explains how researching is easier on the Kindle.  He talks about how he has thousands of books already but has been known to buy a physical book when he already has the digital copy.  He likes to have the real book to place on his shelf.  (This is something I have been guilty of doing myself for example Justin Cronin's The Passage.)          


  1. I don't want to see the "real books" become obsolete. They are an artform all their own. The feel of the book and smell of ink on paper, can't be matched. They should have air fresheners for us readers and bibliophiles.

  2. Where can we fans get teeshirts about Kings work.

  3. It is scary, I don't like the idea of being tracked on what I read. If its not broken ,don't fix it. Our technology will be the death of us.

  4. Hi Stephen, (What a great name!) :)

    Welcome,and thanks for your comments. Books should NEVER go by the wayside. Hopefully there will always be publishers that will still print physical books. The shelves in my living room contain all of our special hardback books; I couldn’t imagine not being able to add to our collection in the future. Hardbound books are my personal favorite but we also have tons of paperback books too. We have never gotten rid of any of our traditional books. Paperback books are great for stashing in case you forget your ereader or forget to charge it. For me, it is always very interesting to watch when people come to our house and scan the books on the shelves. The books on our shelves speak volumes about our family, who we are and where our interests lie. They are part of what shapes us, and you can’t really “see” all that in a digital copy on an Ereader. I’ve found the shelves entice me to grab a book and read when I need a break. Also, some titles have even created a desire in my 13 year old to open up unusual books and experience different people and places. My final thought is how the heck could Sai King sign his name on my new copy of his book, if it only comes as a digital copy!!! I want the real thing, ink on paper!!!

    This is where you can get Stephen King related items: some of the profits benefit his The Haven Foundation, so part of the purchase goes to a good cause. I have also seen some items on Good luck, I hope you find something you like.

    I think too much information is not always a good thing. My privacy is golden, so if they are going to try to take that away what’s left?

    Have a great evening!!


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