Thursday, December 31, 2009 is offering a signed comic by SK is putting up a comic signed by SK himself on DTbay beginning 1/1/10 and running until 1/5/10. The Long Road Home Omnibus will be the kick-off item for's auction for The Haven Foundation. The signed copy says Long days and pleasant nights! (signed by) Stephen King 10/02/09. Bidding begins at $100.00. The auction/fundraiser will run from 1/1/10 until 5/19/10.

Link to Comic/photo of signature that will be up for auction (Scroll down for SK's signature)

This is the Link to the auction site DTbay which will begin 1/1/10

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Season's Greetings from All Things Stephen King!

Season's Greetings to all! If you just happened to stumble on my site, great, or if you are back for some more info, I will be watching a few more movies over the holidays. Also, I will be reading a lot more so I can post many more thoughts and opinions. When I get new information, I usually add to the previous post that it applies to, while creating a new post. So, please be safe this holiday season and when you have a few moments to spare stop by, read, and post anything you wish to comment on. I sure would like to hear about what's going on with you!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stephen appeared in Bridgton, Maine last night Under The Dome

Sun Journal article on book signing in Bridgton ME, 12/16/2009.

News clip

Another news clip

NHPR-Interview over an hour long

New Hampshire Public Radio sat down with Stephen King on 12/3/2009. The interview was very entertaining. Stephen talks about acting, his favorite movies from his books, DT, what superpower would he like to have? He talked about his addiction and recovery.

For full interview click

Stephen King's Appearance on The Colbert Report

Well, it was really funny. Stephen King and Stephen Colbert spoof one of his books and there is a small part about Larry King and Pennywise. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

December 16, 2009, The Colbert Report

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update: The Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County a King and Mellencamp Collaboration

The Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County is a theatrical musical. John Mellencamp wrote the musical score while Stephen King wrote the story. There will be a release of the entire production on 2 cds, with another cd with songs only, it will also be accompanied with a novel. A website is being built for the musical for 2010. Also, the CD should be released sometime in 2010.  Update:  March 29, 2010 according to SKMB the CD/Book won't be dropping anytime this spring. I'll keep watching...

For more information on cast etc click here:

John Mellencamp press release:
Sorry the page has been removed.

Update: Stephen King's appearance on The Colbert Report

The new air date for Stephen King's Under The Dome appearance on The Colbert Report (date and time subject to change because it was previously recorded) is set for 12/15/2009. Check your local listings for The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. I will post any new changes. My DVR is set for 11:30 PM Eastern time. According to the Moderator,SK Message Boards, The Colbert Report did not air the interview last evening because they didn't want to have to edit the 5 min interview down at all. The DVR is now set for this evening 12/16/2009 11:30 PM. I'm hoping the interview will be aired this evening.

Link to The Colbert Report

Kindle UR coming out in 2010 as an audiobook

Approximately an hour ago, Marsha DeFillipo, Moderator and Personal Assistant to Stephen King just posted a comment on that UR, previously published exclusively for the Kindle, will become an audiobook on February 16, 2010.  Holter Graham is the voice of Wesley Smith. 

Simon and Schuster

Stephen King's Official Website

Holter Graham's Official Website


Monday, December 14, 2009

Stephen King and Tabitha King help out the troops!

This news was so nice to hear! Follow the link to read the story about how the Kings helped out the troops for the holidays. This is just another reason to love the Kings and to buy their books. Way to go you guys! :)

I am posting a few different news sources. I loved this first one!
Boston Herald

Bangor Daily News (his local newspaper)

Fox News,2933,580128,00.html


If you like what he did go to this link and post a comment:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Creepshow then and Creepshow now

DVR'd Creepshow 1982 a few weeks ago for today on Encore Mystery, Dish Network. I forgot I recorded this and was so delighted to see it in my list today. There is going to be another Creepshow in 2011 it is in pre-production right now, another movie to look forward to!

The first short story Voodoo Doll starts out with a young boy named Billy(Joe Hill Cameo) reading comics. His father goes into his room and finds him reading comic books and begins demeaning the him for reading them. When the boy mentions his father's choice in reading materials, he is then slapped. All of the comic books are then taken from him and thrown in the trash. While the scene is cutting away a skeleton figure is outside his window pointing to the trash can outside. At this point, you know that the boy wants to get even with his father for throwing away his comics.

The second short story named Father's Day is told by a pompous old lady. The lady talks about how Aunt Bedilia killed her father and it just so happened on Father's Day. Her father, Nathan Grantham was a rich, wretched old coot who is befallen with a stoke that forces Aunt Bedilia to be his caretaker(and drives her mad in the process). When Bedilia falls in love, because her father is a jealous man, has her suitor shot in a hunting accident. While preparing her father his Father's Day cake, he is screaming and yelling for it. When she becomes irritated with all of his yelling, she hits him over the head with a marble ash try and kills him. Due to her extreme guilt, yearly on the anniversary of his death, she goes to his grave site to wish him a Happy Father's Day. This will be the final time she visits his grave site.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is about a meteor that lands on the land of a Jed Clampett-type character named Jordy Verrill (played by Stephen King). He plays the guy really well, as always, very humorous. The not-so-bright Jordy Verrill touches the meteor which turns green and smokes causing white bumps to appear on his fingers. This scene has always creeped me out because the sores look authentic like something someone would actually get from touching an object from outer space. The strange rash begins to transform him and his surroundings. SK begins growing and growing and growing and gr...... How is he going to get rid of all those overgrown weeds?
In one of his recent interviews NHPR 12/3/2009, one of the questions was, how come you haven't you done any acting lately? Stephen's answered, {Well, cause I suck at it? I like to act, and I have actually had some offers to do things, I think that generally speaking, being from Maine, this is another thing you'll have to edit from the radio but, I have been typecast as the country ***hole since I did Jordy Verrill in Creepshow I was the guy who turned into a weed in Creepshow and since then I get a lot of parts. Goddamn , what the hell is that thing?(speaking in a southern accent)You know, so. You see I do a good job at it, so I get offers.}
Listen to full 1 hour interview

When a husband finds out about his wife's indiscretions, he uses the ocean and sand to carry out his murderous plans in Something To Tide You Over. Leslie Nielson plays the jealous husband Richard and Ted Danson plays Harry the other guy. His victims come back for a little revenge. This is one story that I remember watching years ago.

The Crate is about a padlocked, nailed crate that is found under a stairwell. The crate is dated June 19, 1834 (interestingly enough, the date June 19 being the day Stephen King was struck by the vehicle in Maine). Also, one of the characters in the beginning, when everyone is being introduced, was introduced as Tabby but she corrects them by saying her name is Tabitha. (that is the name of his wife, for those who don't already know that). Before the crate is found, a husband has visions of killing his obnoxious wife named Wilma/Billie by many different methods. One way he fantasied about killing her was to shoot her, another was to choke her with his necktie. Once the contents of the crate is revealed to be a ravenous animal, the husband gets the idea to lure his wife to the location of the crate. The Crate is one of the bloodier stories in the group of short stories. This creature is one vicious and scary animal.

The short story They're Creeping Up On You! is about a cranky, germaphobe named Mr. Pratt who rents a $3,200/month roach-infested apartment . Mr. Pratt has a Type A personality that is brash and ugly. I'm sure more than a few people are gunnin' for him.

Finally the conclusion to Voodoo Doll.... You'll have to watch.

Watch it on Blu-Ray

Stephen King arrested? (in the 70's) Conehead April 2002

Conehead, when Stephen King's bad luck couldn't get any worse...... somehow it unfortunately does (poor guy). I am posting this link so I will be able to access it quickly and easily in the future. Also, so anyone else who hasn't read it can go there & lol. This is too funny! I love how deeply he looks at situations and how well he translates his feelings about different circumstances. I especially love how he can find the humor in difficult situations.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Premium Harmony:

I liked Premium Harmony for the tongue-in-cheek, quick-witted Stephen King style we all love. He demonstrates that there is shaky ground between a couple, especially how so much of what we think and feel is better left unsaid for the sake of the relationship. Ray and his wife Mary have a somewhat volitile relationship, they are both riddled with some vices. Mary's vice is directly related to an emotional event. Ray understands how she feels, so he bites his tongue and refrains from remarks as much as humanly possible. If you like stories about human behavior you will like this one. Oh, and sorry Biz.

This is a link to the new story written by SK
Premium Harmony:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kingdom Hospital

Link to the synopsis, trailer, and cast listed for the series is on IMDb (Internet Movie Data Base)

Link to Stephen King's website about Kingdom Hospital

Wiki information on Kingdom Hospital

There is a book called The Journals Of Eleanor Druse about the Kingdom Hospital occurrences. This book was written by Richard Dooling pen name Eleanor Druse The book is listed with Eleanor Druse and Stephen King as the authors. The author(s) present this book as a truthful account of the incidents there but it is a book of fiction. The "journal" even begins with a cover letter addressed to Stephen King, which gives the look of an actual journal. While reading this book, I felt like I knew Sally Druse, Bobby (her son), the orderlies, and all of the doctors in the hospital. Surprisingly, the author made me laugh a few times considering it was supposed to be about something horrific. Basically, Eleanor Druse (Sally), is a physic that is concerned for a child that she hears crying during a visit to the hospital. When she realises she is not a child of this world she decides to help her to cross over. When Sally was at Kingdom Hospital as a child she narrowly avoids being permanetly rewired in an experiment that could have changed her whole life, as it does Madeline Kruger's. She uncovers many disturbing facts about Kingdom Hospital, and its past. Read it. I posed the question about the authors to the Moderator at and the answer was that since Stephen King came up with the concept for the book he got credit for it.

ISBN 1-4013-0123-1 Kindle version is $3.96 (12/11/09)

Hardcover edition $30.95 (12/11/09)

Barnes and Noble CD's and books
DVD is still sold on sells for $19.49 for the entire series

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Digging into interviews and stories about Stephen King's near-fatal accident

Link to the story in the New Yorker written a while ago by Stephen himself On Impact accounting the details of his accident. If you read both articles you will see some very weird (to say the least) coincidences and interesting information about Kingdom Hospital and how it relates to his accident. What an inspiring article!

This is the link to the song that Stephen mentions in the article.

This is an article on Bryan Smith/Brian Smith(not sure of the true spelling) the guy hit him with his van.

This is the town where the accident occurred,(along Route 5, North Lovell) this is where SK's summer house is located.,_Maine

Also, view this link official page to Lovell, Maine, beautiful! I wonder if it was the inspiration for Bag of Bones (eerily similar).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Colbert Report Interview with Stephen King

The airing of the interview has been delayed according to Marsha DeFillipo, Stephen King's Personal Assistant. A new air date has not be scheduled yet. I will post new air date once it is released.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Discordia is officially up and running.

This is an online video game created for the site and Dark Tower series. The quality is amazing. Check it out. Even if you aren't a fan of the Dark Tower you will like this game.

Teaser video

Stephen King, what is your favorite holiday movie?

This was classic, this is why he's my favorite writer! LOL He is just so brutally honest.

Update: Looks as though the last Under The Dome book signing is in Bridgton, Maine

I found an article. Bridgton, Maine December 16, 2009 Magic Lantern Theater 6:30 to 8:30 is already sold out @ 400 tickets (You lucky, lucky fans)! Click for complete article here.

Sorry, the page has been removed.

Where is the final book signing in Maine?

Under The Dome-final book signing-where?
Does anyone know where the final book signing for the tour will be? If so, could you let me in on the secret? I understand that all of the tickets are gone.....I was just wondering.

Update: Under The Dome signing tour Maine

It looks as though there won't be any tickets available for the final Maine signing. The venue where the signing will be taking place was able to sell out of tickets with local advertising, so there will be no more information released about the book signing. I wonder where it is going to be?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update: Secretary of Dreams Volume 2 Release Update

Seems as though I have been waiting for this book's release forever, but finally it should be out Spring 2010. The book's release was pushed back because of Under the Dome. The last edition was so well done that it would be hard to top it but somehow I think they are going to do it again. Thanks Cemetery Dance. :) Glen Chadbourne's art adds so much to the story. These books are a great edition to any one's library. I would love to get the signed collectors edition, that would be awesome.

For a complete listing of editions for Secretary of Dreams 2 click:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Passing this along Interview Under the Dome Russell Dorr PA

This is an interesting article about Russell Dorr PA consultant for Stephen King's books.


Wired Interview

You Tube Interview with Russ Dorr

NH Magazine Russ Dorr Interview

Under the Dome Hodder and Stoughton signed limited UK version

Waterstone's is selling a signed, limited edition of 500. This version of Under the Dome is slipcased and even more limited than the US version. This edition is still available.

eBook versions Under the Dome to be released December 24, 2009

Amazon-$9.99 (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble -$9.99 (iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, and PC or Mac computers)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doctor Sleep or a new Mid-World Book?

There is a poll on SKMB (Stephen King Message Boards) and now on the homepage, on which book should be released first Doctor Sleep which is based off of The Shining or The Wind Through the Keyhole a new Dark Tower book. Go vote: Polls close according to Ms. Mod SKMB 12:01 AM Jan 1, 2010. There is a poll on the homepage for visitors or the poll on the message board for members the polls will be added together for the final result

Forum named: Steve needs your input SKMB member Homepage poll

King talks about Doctor Sleep in an article

Stephen King one more book signing!

There will be an upcoming final book signing for Under the Dome somewhere in Maine on December 16, 2009. Once the information is released I will post. This will be a very Merry Christmas for some Stephen King fans!

***Update Update Update***

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What!? Variant covers, for Under the Dome!

While shopping at the airport, I came across a different dust jacket than the novel I originally bought. It seems as though Scribner produced 2 states of the Under the Dome cover. One cover is in white lettering and the other in a pewter-tone lettering. When I compared the covers one seemed to have a darker tint overall than the one on the left. Since I am a collector of his work, I bought both covers. Some people are speculating that the darker cover indicates the affects of pollution on Chester's Mill after a while of being Under the Dome.
See the differences for yourselfPosted by Picasa
Click on photo for larger view.

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