Saturday, December 12, 2009

Creepshow then and Creepshow now

DVR'd Creepshow 1982 a few weeks ago for today on Encore Mystery, Dish Network. I forgot I recorded this and was so delighted to see it in my list today. There is going to be another Creepshow in 2011 it is in pre-production right now, another movie to look forward to!

The first short story Voodoo Doll starts out with a young boy named Billy(Joe Hill Cameo) reading comics. His father goes into his room and finds him reading comic books and begins demeaning the him for reading them. When the boy mentions his father's choice in reading materials, he is then slapped. All of the comic books are then taken from him and thrown in the trash. While the scene is cutting away a skeleton figure is outside his window pointing to the trash can outside. At this point, you know that the boy wants to get even with his father for throwing away his comics.

The second short story named Father's Day is told by a pompous old lady. The lady talks about how Aunt Bedilia killed her father and it just so happened on Father's Day. Her father, Nathan Grantham was a rich, wretched old coot who is befallen with a stoke that forces Aunt Bedilia to be his caretaker(and drives her mad in the process). When Bedilia falls in love, because her father is a jealous man, has her suitor shot in a hunting accident. While preparing her father his Father's Day cake, he is screaming and yelling for it. When she becomes irritated with all of his yelling, she hits him over the head with a marble ash try and kills him. Due to her extreme guilt, yearly on the anniversary of his death, she goes to his grave site to wish him a Happy Father's Day. This will be the final time she visits his grave site.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is about a meteor that lands on the land of a Jed Clampett-type character named Jordy Verrill (played by Stephen King). He plays the guy really well, as always, very humorous. The not-so-bright Jordy Verrill touches the meteor which turns green and smokes causing white bumps to appear on his fingers. This scene has always creeped me out because the sores look authentic like something someone would actually get from touching an object from outer space. The strange rash begins to transform him and his surroundings. SK begins growing and growing and growing and gr...... How is he going to get rid of all those overgrown weeds?
In one of his recent interviews NHPR 12/3/2009, one of the questions was, how come you haven't you done any acting lately? Stephen's answered, {Well, cause I suck at it? I like to act, and I have actually had some offers to do things, I think that generally speaking, being from Maine, this is another thing you'll have to edit from the radio but, I have been typecast as the country ***hole since I did Jordy Verrill in Creepshow I was the guy who turned into a weed in Creepshow and since then I get a lot of parts. Goddamn , what the hell is that thing?(speaking in a southern accent)You know, so. You see I do a good job at it, so I get offers.}
Listen to full 1 hour interview

When a husband finds out about his wife's indiscretions, he uses the ocean and sand to carry out his murderous plans in Something To Tide You Over. Leslie Nielson plays the jealous husband Richard and Ted Danson plays Harry the other guy. His victims come back for a little revenge. This is one story that I remember watching years ago.

The Crate is about a padlocked, nailed crate that is found under a stairwell. The crate is dated June 19, 1834 (interestingly enough, the date June 19 being the day Stephen King was struck by the vehicle in Maine). Also, one of the characters in the beginning, when everyone is being introduced, was introduced as Tabby but she corrects them by saying her name is Tabitha. (that is the name of his wife, for those who don't already know that). Before the crate is found, a husband has visions of killing his obnoxious wife named Wilma/Billie by many different methods. One way he fantasied about killing her was to shoot her, another was to choke her with his necktie. Once the contents of the crate is revealed to be a ravenous animal, the husband gets the idea to lure his wife to the location of the crate. The Crate is one of the bloodier stories in the group of short stories. This creature is one vicious and scary animal.

The short story They're Creeping Up On You! is about a cranky, germaphobe named Mr. Pratt who rents a $3,200/month roach-infested apartment . Mr. Pratt has a Type A personality that is brash and ugly. I'm sure more than a few people are gunnin' for him.

Finally the conclusion to Voodoo Doll.... You'll have to watch.

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