Monday, March 29, 2010

Update: Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County

According to SKMB, the CD/Book will not be released anytime this Spring.  The  Moderator of SKMB says the dates keep changing on this particular project.  I will keep you posted.

For more information on Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County see my other Blog Post.

New never-before-published novella Trade HC edition Blocade Billy

New novella hardcover edition Blockade Billy will not be published in Full Dark, No Stars in November.  This will be released by Cemetery Dance with (for a limited time) a William "Blockade Billy" Blakely baseball card cost is $25.00 for the Hardcover Trade Editon.  Release April  20, 2010.

Visit to view a detailed view of the cover with Stephen King in a baseball uniform. Also a reproduction of the only known baseball card with William "Blocade Billy" Blakely ever made.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sun Newspaper article about Charlotte County's The Big Read

Pamela Staik, Staff Writer Sun Newspapers Port Charlotte, got the pleasure to write this article about host Stephen King for The Big Read's Kick-off.  In the article Staik writes about how King jokes with the audience and talks about how he "passes" on his nightmares.  Master storyteller King read Old Dude's Ticker to an extremely fortunate group of 400 people.  Here's the  Stephen King video from The Big Read!!!!   SK I loved how you kept plugging your son's books.  You are the coolest Dad ever!!!!!  Owen and Joe are so lucky to have you.  SK also tells everyone that there will be a  remake for Pet Semetary.

Here are the names of some of the books that SK is reading right now Life of Pi: Deluxe Illustrated Edition.

2009 ALA Alex Award given for Just After Sunset

Congratulations SK on your new ALA Alex Award! This is an award given to books that are written for adults but have an appeal to young adults age 12-18.  According the the ALA website, awards are given to the previous year's publishing.   As I have posted before, this is a wonderful collection of short stories.  Just after reading, Just After Sunset I felt there were a few stories that my 12 year old would enjoy. The Cat From Hell and Stationary Bike were the two I suggested for him to read.  He did like them.  I will try to get him to read a couple of the other ones, Graduation Afternoon and A Very Tight Place (that's right up his alley.)

Question of the Day #30: Approximately how my SK books do you own?

I'm not picky, I have paperbacks and hardcovers alike.  My collection consists of  multiple copies of some books.  (Mostly, because I didn't realize I already had a particular title.) Approximately 70 books in all.  I just acquired The Colorado Kid paperback at a used book store.  Oh happy day!  (This does not include graphic novels and comic books.)   :)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Question of the Day #29: What Stephen King book(s) are you reading today?

On Writing (20 pages or so left), Duma Key (approx. 100 pages, I haven't read this one at all in about a week), and Rage (about 80 pages left).  I've been caught up in household duties.  I have got to get back to my reading! On Writing is an excellent book which I read while walking on the treadmill.  It is on my nook.(love my nook btw). Best gift I ever got!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Question of the Day #28: Did you get tickets for Charlotte County Big Read hosted by SK tomorrow?

Unfortunately, I didn't get tickets for The Big Read (here's the Flyer), but if anyone would like to drop me a post on how it all went, I would be so grateful!  I bet it is going to a blast listening to SK! Have fun! If you record any of the event please leave me a link to it in comments! Thanks in advance for any posts from All Things Stephen King!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Question of the Day #27: Are you going to purchase the new American Vampire comic written by SK?

Yessssss, I'll be picking up my copiessssss up tonight! (Vertigo Variant Cover by Jim Lee)  King comments on the variant cover.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a little RED!

New Stephen King Comic on the shelves today March 17, 2010 celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a new comic from Vertigo.  These will sell out fast, so buy it today. The hardcover will be released October 5, 2010 preorder on

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dolan's Cadillac with Christian Slater out April 6, 2010

National Entertainment Media said...

(This has been reposted from a comment posted on this site)

Revenge has never been as diabolical as it is in DOLAN’S CADILLAC, the new suspense thriller starring Christian Slater and Wes Bentley, based on the story by Stephen King – that arrives everywhere on DVD and Blu-ray April 6.

DOLAN’S CADILLAC presents a modern day twist on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “The Cask of Amontillado,” telling one man’s dark story of murder and unrepentant revenge. Robinson (Wes Bentley) lives a quiet, peaceful life with his wife Elizabeth (Emmanuelle Vaugier) until one day, she witnesses a savage murder under the hot desert sun. The executioner is Jimmy Dolan (Christian Slater), Las Vegas’ most ruthless and untouchable mob boss. Despite warnings from the authorities, Elizabeth agrees to testify against him, a fatal choice that leads to her own demise. Devastated by her death, Robinson tries every legal channel to bring Dolan to justice. But without hard evidence, Dolan remains free, able to run his human trafficking empire without reproach. Haunted by the ghost of his wife, Robinson transforms into a vengeance-obsessed machine, pushing himself beyond the breaking point in mind, body and spirit. Infiltrating Dolan’s deadly world, Robinson devises a plan that will bury the mob boss once and for all – transforming the prized Cadillac, which has always been his armor, into his tomb.

Dolan's Cadillac Trailer

P.S. Thanks to National Entertainment Media for this useful post!

Monday, March 15, 2010

American Vampire comes out 3-17-10 SK gets interviewed today

Stephen King discusses his thoughts on how vampires have been portrayed lately.  King explains that his vampires are not like that of the Twilight series.  He talks to The Daily Beast about his new comic book arc.  This comic is listed on SK's website as releasing on March 17, 2010.

Preview the First Issue on The Daily Beast
Promo Video on Vertigo
Interview with short-story writer Scott Snyder LA Times

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mercy Me!

This just in, one of SK's books made a "cameo" on Mercy (NBC).  My mom watches the show and she told me that one of the nurses was reading one of SK's books.  She said it was 800 pages and started with a "S".  (She's not too familiar with Stephen King's books, unfortunately.)  We determined that it was probably The Stand.  I am trying to get a confirmation of which book at this time.  Once I get confirmation I will post here, it may take some time to track this down. 

Question of the Day #26: Do you think SK will do a book signing tour for Full Dark, No Stars!?

Yes, but I think it is going to be more like a lottery, similiar to the Canadian book signing he did for Under The Dome.  I think there will be a limited number of pre-signed books won on a lottery basis and a Q & A or discussion of the book.  He may do a few of those but not at all like Under The Dome. (This is just my suspicion, but here goes.) Under The Dome was a huge book and there was a lot riding on the success of  that book for the publisher and for King too.  The economy was a mess, no one was selling books.  They knew that if King did a signing tour they would sell a given number of books, hopefully even more.  My other thoughts on this, is that the release date is later than last year Nov. 9, 2010 this doesn't leave a lot of time for touring before the holidays. He will probably do the TV circuit, possibly The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, or something like that to talk about the release.    I believe the signing tour was a success for the publisher, King, and his fans.  The tour was a win-win for everyone.  I believe they are going to be reaping the rewards of the tour for years to come in future book sales.  I would love to see him do another tour like last year, but seriously doubt that he will.  Now I'm going to beg........Please, please, pretty please ,do a book signing for Full Dark, No Stars! similar to last year! (Would you stop in MD, DC, or both? lol We would love to see you again!)

Well, it has been confirmed by Ms. Mod.  There won't be a book signing for Full Dark, No Stars!  Just as I thought! Shoot!     

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question of the Day #25: Which King movie frightened you the most?

Carrie is the most frightening movie to me because I'd never seen anything like it before that (in the 80's).  I still recall Carrie White being so gullible, misunderstood, unpopular, and to a certain degree hated by her classmates.  I couldn't believe how rotten her classmates were to her.  Unbenounced to them, she had these abilities that when she was angered she could be quite destructive.  This meek girl, dangerous?  Also, her mother was what most people would consider a holy roller that used  religion to try gain power over her daughter whom she feared.  As a young person, I felt that there were so many aspects to this story which made it both thought-provoking and  frightening.  You never quite know what others are capable of doing.  Thank you Tabitha for making sure that this book got written.  Sissy Spacek played this character so well!  The remake wasn't very good at all.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Question of the Day #24: What question would you ask Stephen King if you could?

My question would be: Do you plan to do another screenplay for a TV mini-series like you did with Storm Of The Century and if so, what would this one be about?  When I read the screenplay, I found it was not as enjoyable as reading his novels.

  *Post your thoughts or opinions in comments.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Question of the Day #23: Most descpicable character(s), who do you think?

Randall Flagg from The Stand gives despicable a new name. Flagg seems to me, to be like the embodiment of Satan. If you do the demon's bidding, you get privileges that most likely will cost you your life but surely your soul, spending the rest of eternity burning in Hell. By far he is the worst, but Andre Linoge (not a photo, but he appears in the trailer) from Storm Of The Century is a monster in his own right. Linoge is another vile character that managed to well up strong feelings of contempt in me. ***Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen Storm Of The Century and plan to, don't read this. They would have to pry my child from my cold dead hands!!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Question of the Day #22: Do you think Stephen King's writing should be given more recognition?

Yes, Stephen King should get recognition for being a master storyteller.  SK's books are so much more than horror.  His books focus mostly on his characters' reactions to hard-to-imagine events.  Every character's reaction in every book, is consistent with the personality that SK builds for that character.  IMO, his books focus on the very heart of human nature, love, hate, greed, fear, selfishness, and lust.  Do you agree or disagree?  Let me know. 

*Post your thoughts or opinions in comments.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Question of the Day #21: Have you read any books written by Joe Hill, Owen King, or Tabitha King?

The books that I have read were written by Joe Hill. Heart-Shaped Box, and 20th Century Ghosts.  My understanding is that Stephen King's wife Tabitha King is also an accomplished author.  For a list of novels written by Tabitha King visit Wikipedia. She has also submitted photos that are placed on the flaps of some of SK's books.  I have yet to read any of her books but at some point I plan to read of some of them.  Owen King has authored  We're All In This Together: A Novella and Stories and his work has also appeared in various newspapers and magazines.

Watch this video:
Stephen, Tabitha, and Owen King speak in D.C.- Library of Congress 4/4/08

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chance to WIN signed copy of Horns by Joe Hill

SKT (Stephen King Trivia Group) on the Stephen King Message Board is giving away a signed copy of Horns written by Stephen King's son Joe Hill to the winner of their writing contest.  You must become a member of the SKMB then become a member of SKT for the contest rules.   After you become a member of SKMB you have a minimum number of posts before you can join a group, I think. Then, to get to SKT(go to Community, click on Groups and look for Stephen King Trivia) possibly  get a signed, or personalized, doodled book by Joe Hill if you win the contest. Ends March 7, 2010.  Cool! Let them know, I sent ya!

Question of the Day #20: Do you think SK will ever retire?

Well, I hope not!  IMO, writing is essential to his well being.  He certainly shows no signs of stopping (Thank God).  I really don't think SK will ever completely stop writing, but if he does retire, I hope he's got lots and lots of "nuts" stored away just like Mike Noonan in Bag Of Bones.   

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blood and Smoke: 1408, In The Deathroom, and Lunch At Gotham Cafe' Excerpt

All stories read by the master, King himself.   Blood And Smoke to be released November 2010  in compact disc format. Included will be 1408, In The Deathroom, Lunch At Gotham Cafe'

Stephen King Video: King answers, why don't people read short stories anymore? SK's take on mediocrity.  Awww SK, and my next blog was going to be on American Idol! JK lol ha ha ha

Question of the Day #19: Do you prefer when Stephen King provides his own voice for his audiobooks?

Yes, I prefer when he reads his own stories.  Blood And Smoke to be released November 2010 read by Stephen King himself in compact disc format.  Included will be 1408, In The Deathroom, Lunch At Gotham Cafe'

Stephen King Video:  Answers, why don't people read short stories anymore?  SK's take on mediocrity.

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Question of the Day #18: If you could have any Stephen King First Edition which would it be and why?

For me, it would be IT because that is the book that got me hooked on SK's books.  When I think of this book, it transports me to a time when I connected with characters in a book for the first time.  His books, beginning with IT, have filled many boring moments in my life.  He manages to get me to laugh out loud and gasp all in the same sentence.  Ha ha ha ha.  I love that he dedicated IT to his three children.  You feel the love that went into the characters and the relationships between them all.  He has a way of growing/building wonderful relationships between the children far into adulthood, which goes beyond time and distance.   If I could have another First Edition my second choice would be 'Salem's Lot.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stephen King scary list: commercial radio, contemporary country music

Stephen King's scary list: commercial radio, contemporary country music

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Stephen taks about his thoughts on alt-country music. L.A. Times Music Blog

Question of the Day #17: Would you like to be a fly on the wall while SK is writing one of his books?

Heck yeah, watching the master at work would be the ultimate in the Book Of Ultimates. (Not being the fly, though, for obvious reasons.)  I would definitely try to land on his shoulder and try to read what he was writing about.  After having read what he was writing, I would whisper The Plant repeatedly in his ear and hope he would take the bait.  The other thing I would do is try to avoid getting squashed so I could look around his study with great detail to see if there were any other unpublished manuscripts or stories just laying around.   I would love to watch the process from brain to paper to see how naturally it comes to him.  I almost think it is effortless for him.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Shooter Jennings and Stephen King team for 'Black Ribbons' -

Shooter Jennings and Stephen King team for 'Black Ribbons' -

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SK was interviewed for his part in Black Ribbons with Shooter Jennings. Stephen King aka Will o' The Wisp, plays a DJ.

Question of the Day #16: Which SK book do you plan to read next?

Blaze's cover screams to me.  Don't have any clue why, it just does.  That will be the next book I crack open.

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March 2010 brings a lot of releases for Stephen King

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