Thursday, March 11, 2010

Question of the Day #26: Do you think SK will do a book signing tour for Full Dark, No Stars!?

Yes, but I think it is going to be more like a lottery, similiar to the Canadian book signing he did for Under The Dome.  I think there will be a limited number of pre-signed books won on a lottery basis and a Q & A or discussion of the book.  He may do a few of those but not at all like Under The Dome. (This is just my suspicion, but here goes.) Under The Dome was a huge book and there was a lot riding on the success of  that book for the publisher and for King too.  The economy was a mess, no one was selling books.  They knew that if King did a signing tour they would sell a given number of books, hopefully even more.  My other thoughts on this, is that the release date is later than last year Nov. 9, 2010 this doesn't leave a lot of time for touring before the holidays. He will probably do the TV circuit, possibly The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, or something like that to talk about the release.    I believe the signing tour was a success for the publisher, King, and his fans.  The tour was a win-win for everyone.  I believe they are going to be reaping the rewards of the tour for years to come in future book sales.  I would love to see him do another tour like last year, but seriously doubt that he will.  Now I'm going to beg........Please, please, pretty please ,do a book signing for Full Dark, No Stars! similar to last year! (Would you stop in MD, DC, or both? lol We would love to see you again!)

Well, it has been confirmed by Ms. Mod.  There won't be a book signing for Full Dark, No Stars!  Just as I thought! Shoot!     

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