Sunday, November 13, 2011

January 1, 2012 Gauntlet Press will begin taking orders for "Stephen King's Battleground"

Gauntlet Press has finally set a date to begin taking orders for Stephen King's Battleground.  Publication is set for Spring/Summer 2012.  This book has seemed to be on the back burner for a long time.  Every few months I keep checking for any updates, this time a YES, confirmation on this book!   Nightmares and Dreamscapes was a fantastic series on TNT with Battleground as episode 1.  Go to Gauntlet Press and read the description about the King short story/ Matheson script combo.  If you want one of only 26 copies signed by King you better be prepared with a fast Internet connection and to pay $1250.00.

 According to Gauntlet Press Site:

26 copy Signed Lettered Edition (the ONLY version signed by Stephen King) is $1250
125 copy Signed Numbered Edition (signed by Brian Henson, Jeff Beal, Jeff Hayes, Michael Wright, Lee Romaire, Bill Haber, Sam Nicholson, and Richard Christian Matheson) is $125
Limited Edition (unsigned) is $75

Question of the day #63: Has anyone had a chance to sink their teeth into "11/22/63" yet?

No, I haven't started reading 11/22/63 but the hard copy is already on my book self.  The new book fits quite nicely there if I do say so myself. :)  When I am ready to read it I would like to purchase the ebook deluxe edition for the 18 minute King interview. 

Right now I am reading Misery and Desperation simultaneously.  I have been trying to complete Book Chick City's 12 King books in a year.  The count is around  9 for this year, so I am pushing through to try to complete the challenge. 

If you have a minute, let ATSK know what you think of King's new book.  I've heard nothing but great reviews.

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