Sunday, November 13, 2011

Question of the day #63: Has anyone had a chance to sink their teeth into "11/22/63" yet?

No, I haven't started reading 11/22/63 but the hard copy is already on my book self.  The new book fits quite nicely there if I do say so myself. :)  When I am ready to read it I would like to purchase the ebook deluxe edition for the 18 minute King interview. 

Right now I am reading Misery and Desperation simultaneously.  I have been trying to complete Book Chick City's 12 King books in a year.  The count is around  9 for this year, so I am pushing through to try to complete the challenge. 

If you have a minute, let ATSK know what you think of King's new book.  I've heard nothing but great reviews.


  1. I haven't plunged into this book yet, though I was at one of his readings and got a signed copy (she says a bit shyly). However, I just ran across this gorgeous article about SK and had to share. It mentions 11/22/63 briefly, but really, it's just about the author. Read. It will have you nodding and smiling by the end.

  2. Hi Firespark,

    Thanks for your post. Congrats on your signed book, that is so exciting. I will check the article out. I am posting from my Droid so this will be short. My posting has been limited due lack of time and energy. I will check out your blog too. Thanks for your interest in ATSK! :)

  3. Within the contents of the article I posted is a link to a much longer article the journalist wrote up on SK back in '98 (I think it was). That's definitely worth the read, too.

    I understand how it is with time. You'll see that I have long dead times between blog entries (I've got a depressing average of about a post a month... ugh). Don't sweat it. I'm just happy you're here! :)

  4. Hi firespark,

    The article was wonderful, thanks. That is one I had not stumbled upon in the past. Stephen King's mind fascinates me so any chance that I can "climb" inside his brain, I'm game. I'm nearly done with "Desperation" so you brought this article to my attention at the right moment in time.

  5. Oh, were you reading Desperation for the first time??? Have you read The Regulators which he published under Richard Bachman? If you haven't, while you've still got Desperation fresh in your mind (which I loved, loved, loved, btw... that one definitely sticks with you), go read The Regulators. It's a sort of, er, companion book to Desperation. :)


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