Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blood and Smoke audiobook excerpt read by Stephen King

Simon and Schuster Blood and Smoke audiobook "Eeeeeeee, I teach you!"  Listen to Stephen King read an excerpt from the audiobook that will release October 5, 2010.

Stephen King talks to USA Today

The comic American Vampire comes out in hardcover today.  The entire volume includes all five of Stephen King's contirbutions.  Honestly, I'm missing the wordslinger King but Scott Snyder's American Vampire is a comic I won't abandon anytime soon.   This comic is a thrilling ride with art that is exceptional.  Including Stephen King was a wise decision indeed for Vertigo.  Hardcore vampire and King fans love this series.

King spoke with USA Today about his thoughts on romantic vampires and a possible new original endeavor in comics Afterlife.  [ "A traditional vampire is always a taker, and that's the story of American expansion and laissez-faire and the rise of industrialism," says King, adding that Skinner's violent streak is his most essentially American trait. "The idea that he wants to come back and get his vengeance and he wants to get it as fast as he can and as harshly as he can, that's a very American desperado thing."]  For Full Article click here.

A second article has been added:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final 50 selected for Stephen's Empire

Stephen's Empire

The final 50 submissions were selected.  The selection was made just before the end of the day on Friday 24, 2010.  This weekend was very busy so today was my first opportunity to post something regarding the contest.  According to Ms. Mod. there will be one more cut of the 150 to 50 then the final 12 will be chosen.  (I am hoping that my 6 entries will make it through to the next round, crossing my fingers.)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

These were the books that were on Stephen King's Pink Kindle

CNN's storyA Real Cliffhanger
               Will e-books kill hardbacks?

What a surprise to see that Stephen King spoke with CNN about ebooks.  IMO he needs to do more interviews and public appearances.  That being said, these were the books that were shown on the front page of the pink Kindle that SK was holding during the interview. 

Ordinary Thunderstorms William Boyd

Never Look Away: A Thriller Linwood Barclay

The Angel's Game Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Blockade Billy Stephen King

The Bullpen Gospels Dirk Hayhurst

A Reliable Wife Robert Goolrick

Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck

Roses Leila Meacham

Roman Orgy Marcus Van Heller 

When Stephen King is asked if he goes back and reads his own books he replies "Very rarely, very rarely, I know how they come out."

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CNN will be airing an Interview with Stephen King

According to the SKMB, Stephen King will be interviewed on CNN about ebooks.  The times listed were 7:20 AM and 8:24 AM, if you miss it they may post on their site later today.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Sons Of Anarchy' Photos For Upcoming Cameo Appearance

Sons Of Anarchy Stephen King Photos on Daemon's TV.  Stephen King "all leathered up" will be appearing (on his Birthday) September 21, 2010 for a cameo on Sons of Anarchy.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

King talks with EW about casting 'Twilight' cast members for 'Dark Tower'

Twilight cast members?  Nevah in a million years!  That was a good one SK!  Read what he says about Angela Basset.  King expressed his interest in wanting to be a PAIN for the films.   Entertainment Weekly Article click here

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Official Press Release for 'The Dark Tower' Films

NBC Universal Official Press Release:   

Even though this was rumored before, a press release has now been released.

Stephen King Official TV and Film Tracker

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rock Out with Stephen King Daily

Stephen King's rockin' radio station WKIT 100.3 FM Radio Bangor follow link then click Listen Now on tabs.  I've listened to it a few times and the DJ's are good and the music is great, mostly classic rock.  King cranks the music and writes.

Boston Red Sox Franchise Fitted Baseball Cap (Navy, Large)Stephen King's sports radio station WZON AM Radio Bangor follow link then click Listen Live.  Stephen King has been seen wearing this hat a lot.

Talk radio station owned by Stephen King The Pulse 103.1 FM. (Sorry no streaming from their site.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

King's Commercial for American Express 1986

King says, “Do you know me? It’s frightening how many novels of suspense I’ve written, but still when I’m not recognized it just kills me. So instead of saying I wrote Carrie, I carry the American Express Card. Without it, it makes life a little scary.” (another announcer) Then King says “American Express (whispers) don’t leave home without it.”  

The quality is okay but wanted it on my site. Stephen King Rocks!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question Of The Day #54 : If you had a chance to look at the photos from Stephen's Empire, what were your favorites?

Favorites Group 1 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #60 "For your little monsters!",  #110 "Suffer The Little Children",  # 212 "Free tank of gas and a Possession with Every Car."

#60    This one just made me laugh.  If you are a parent "monster" is putting it mildly.
#110  This one was soooo sad, and at the same time really funny.
#212  I thought that this person put a lot of thought into this submission.

There were others in this group that I liked, but these were my favorites.  Later today I may post my secondary favorites to see if any of these are picked for the final 12.

Favorites Group 2 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #591 Pho King Way, #610  "I said 'Sai King' not 'Sign King' you idiot!",  #569 "I'm sick of these pyrokinetic students! If we have to rebuild this place one more time....."

#591   I blogged about this one before ROTF LMAO with this one.
#610   This one struck me as being cleaver and funny.
#569   This person looked at the photo and did such a great job of describing the goings on in the photo.  LOL    

Favorites Group 3 Photo Submissions Click Here:    #1098 "King's Haunted House of Whores (Horrors)" #1100 "I've got an itchy feeling that's something's missing," said Edgar Freemantle."  #1392 "King makes it all connect."

#1098  Whores (horrors),  now that's funny :D!
#1100  The caption matched the photo so well, loved it!
#1392  The tie in to The Dark Tower and how King manages to connect most of his books to DT.

   Please go to, check out the semi-finalists and see what you think, come back and write about it.

Today 9/4/10 "The Stand" on Syfy

Sep 4 03:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part One

Sep 4 05:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Two

Sep 4 07:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Three

Sep 4 09:00 PM Movie Marathon Stephen King's The Stand - Part Four

Set those DVR's!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Submissions, Submissions, and more Submissions

Stephen's Empire
Tomorrow is the last day to get your photo submissions in.  It looks as though there may be 800-1000 submissions to be judged in the last round depending on how many get posted tomorrow.  There will only be 50 unless they change their minds about how the contest is going to work.  The total number in the semi-finals is supposed to be 150.  The last round is going to be a tough round to judge.  (Better them than me.)  I have loved going through all of the submissions they are all so good.  We should know the final 50 on or about September 20.  The final 12 will be announced sometime at the end of the month with the books being distributed on or about November 9, 2010.  Good luck if you entered.

Update:  1056 was the total amount for the final group of submissions that will be judged.  I did notice that some of the submissions didn't have photos which will disqualify them, dang, and some of the captions were really good.

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