Thursday, September 2, 2010

Submissions, Submissions, and more Submissions

Stephen's Empire
Tomorrow is the last day to get your photo submissions in.  It looks as though there may be 800-1000 submissions to be judged in the last round depending on how many get posted tomorrow.  There will only be 50 unless they change their minds about how the contest is going to work.  The total number in the semi-finals is supposed to be 150.  The last round is going to be a tough round to judge.  (Better them than me.)  I have loved going through all of the submissions they are all so good.  We should know the final 50 on or about September 20.  The final 12 will be announced sometime at the end of the month with the books being distributed on or about November 9, 2010.  Good luck if you entered.

Update:  1056 was the total amount for the final group of submissions that will be judged.  I did notice that some of the submissions didn't have photos which will disqualify them, dang, and some of the captions were really good.

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