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Time Magazine Cover:  March 27, 2000
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Everyone's A Star.Com
By Romesh Ratnesar and Joel Stein Monday, Mar. 27, 2000
[The Movement, as Winkler might put it, got a significant boost last week, when Stephen King premiered his most recent story, Riding the Bullet, exclusively on the Net, causing a near meltdown of the computers that served it up to more than 500,000 people the first day. His experiment proved a point: the middleman is endangered. If you're unknown, you can avoid the middleman by using the Net to get discovered and attain stardom. And if you're already a star, you can avoid the middleman by using the Net to keep most of the money yourself. "It's like putting a nickel into the world's biggest slot machine, isn't it?" said King. It's a long-shot bet, and the profits are still mainly in the hands of the big media companies. But the entertainment space is attracting lots of gamblers.]

Time Magazine Cover:  October 6, 1986
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Books: King of Horror
[Manhattan Psychiatrist Robert E. Gould finds that horror "is extremely distracting. That is one of the main purposes of its popularity. In difficult times, in the world outside and your own world, you reach out far from yourself. Also, you can control that horror. You can stop reading any time you want." His colleague Dr. Herbert Peyser agrees. In horror, he says, "we see an ordered world. We know it really isn't real, and we can master it. It's fantasy, and we can get out." It is no wonder then that videocassettes like I Dismember Mama and Halloween are favorites on the rental circuit, that Aliens and Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives were among the top movie grossers of the summer, and that, in paperback, Stephen King now outsells James Michener and Robert Ludlum.]

TV Guide Cover:  April 26-May 2, 1997 Collector's Edition:  Bernie Wrightson cover

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