Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fan Choices for Roland

Josh Holloway
6' 1''

Roger Howarth

Approx. 6' 0"
 Photo from TV

Viggo Mortenson

5' 11"

Thanks to Kim for the suggestions of Josh Holloway (like) and Roger Howarth.  Other fan site/blogs like Viggo for Roland.  Viggo has got the chiseled face that I envisioned for Roland plus he is a brilliant actor.

Thanks Kim again for doing some research on Roger Howarth.  She discovered that there are varying opinions on his height.  His height has been posted as 5'10", 6'0", and 6'1".  In response, I have changed his height to an approximate 6 foot. 

There was a comment added to Question of the Day #56:  Who would you like to see play Eddie Dean? The comment suggested who should play Roland so I added Scott Glenn here.  He definitely has the build for Roland and is a great actor. Thanks for commenting.    
Scott Glenn



  1. I wish you knew Howarth as an actor, he'd be the number one choice for any acting gig. Thank you for taking my suggestions seriously!

  2. Hi Kim,

    I'm going to go on youtube right now and watch a few videos of Howarth. :)You're welcome. I value all thoughts and opinions brought to this site, so thank you.

  3. OMG, make sure you watch him BEFORE 2000. Please. He should have LONG HAIR in the videos that you watch for the best stuff.

  4. Hi Kim,

    I see what you mean with the LONG hair. He looks totally different. You Tube has only short clips, mostly current ones. He is a great actor and quite enjoyable to watch. :)))

  5. Kim's right, Howarth is a fantastic actor and would be phenomenal as Roland.

  6. By the way, ATSK, if you look for Todd Manning Part 300 and watch from there to about 305, you'll be stunned. Trust me! NO CURRENT ONES, must be from 1993 - 2002 to see his work! :D

  7. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for giving me a little more information, I didn't know his stage name. I watched a few of the videos suggested and WOW! I'm speechless.....he really is breathtaking on screen. (Why anyone that looked like that would need to rape someone is beyond me! You can't rape the willing comes to mind.) LOL

    He could be play Roland with ease.

  8. Well since rape is not about relationships, it makes no difference how someone looks! But I get the reference, he's completely undeniably HOT and very good at what he does.

    Yes, he could do a lot of things with ease. His fans are waiting for a return to the show, but so far, we've not gotten our wishes!

  9. Ok I know this might be a dead post, but I had to chime in and say that Roger's HEIGHT is under dispute. Sites list it as 5'10" but others list him as 6'0" and 6'1"

    I guess only Roger knows how tall he really is! At any rate, he carries himself as if at the larger stature.

  10. Hi Kim,

    No, I don't believe this post is dead, they still haven't picked a Roland. As a blogger, I want to post the correct information at all times so to be closer to accurate I will post an approx. height of 6 foot. That should fix any disputes anyone may have.

    The sites that post height most likely judge the height based on their surroundings on film and by comparing them to other actresses and actors they work with. I know there are many techniques in filming to maybe make someone appear taller or shorter. We already know the camera adds ten pounds.

    I was shocked to see how tall SK is in person. My husband even mentioned that he thought he was very tall. On TV he never looked that tall to me but I guess I'm not a good judge when it comes to guesstimating someone's height.

    Hope this helps.
    :D Have a great day Kim!

  11. I love this place!!!! I also appreciate everything you wrote above . In some ways I'd want Roger to come back to One Life to Live as rumored but of course if he ever got a movie role, we'd be so happy for him!

  12. Kim,


    I hope you get your wish so he returns to OLTL. He must be a wonderful actor to have such loyal fans. He is a very lucky guy IMO.

  13. I think so, but we're also lucky to have seen his work!

  14. Roger might make a great Eddie, but I see Roland as more seasoned.

    Sandi Allen

  15. Roger is very seasoned, it's possible that a lot of people don't know that about him...and that's ok. He basically can PLAY ANYTHING. He's very gifted. Ok I've said enough!

  16. Why thank you! :D When I see a good thing, I see a good thing! D:

  17. I definitely think Viggo has the face for Roland, but I'm open on this one. However, after reading all of these it came to me that Halle Berry would make a fantastic Susannah. Seriously. I think she'd nail that role.


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