Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cemetery Dance 'Screamplays'

King's script The General is only one of half a dozen other screenplays written by other authors included in this collection. 

Clothbound Trade Hardcover:  $40.00
Traycased Lettered Edition:  $300.00 52 copies signed by artist and editor

See Cemetery Dance for details 


  1. Went away again... just catching up on you back posts. My hard disk melted and I lost all my RSS feeds! It's taken me a while to remember which blogs I regularly checked. :-)

    RE: Screamplays. Ordered my copy over two years ago. Kinda wish they'd get a move on for this book. Good news is that they recently announced it will be an oversize volume ala Secretary of Dreams.

  2. Hi SCMT:

    So glad you're back again, you've been missed. Sooo glad you remembered this blog. :D

    Two years, dang that is too long!!! That is one of the complaints I have with CD, the long wait. The oversized editions are so much nicer.


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