Monday, January 17, 2011

Question of the Day #58: Which is better "Carrie" the book or the original movie?

CarrieCarrie Poster Movie 11x17 Sissy Spacek Piper Laurie John Travolta William KattThe original movie Carrie is a cult classic but experiencing the book that started it all for King was even more unforgettable than the movie.  The movie touched on what a holy roller Carrie's mother was while the book elevated her to a crazy bible thumper.  King nailed down the wretched teenage girls without fail and the backstory of Carrie helped make her more of a sympathetic, unlucky (for the lack of a better word) character.  The final scenes written in the book were absolutely wicked.  All in all I prefer King's written brainchild over the movie anyday but I am going to watch it again this week. :) 

On a final note, when reading the book Carrie, my mind kept going back to SK as a starving artist.  I marvel at his conviction in the beginning with all of the obstacles he and his family overcame.   


  1. Although I usually don't, I have to go with the movie for this one. The book delves a lot into Momma but the movie cannot be matched and is my number one horror film to date. The homecoming queen announcement scene ALONE is such a triumph that it pales in comparison to the text for me. Usually, I favor the books but in this case, Carrie the movie wins hands down. Great STORY, directing, acting and musical score.

  2. Hi again Kim,

    "Carrie" is still one of my most favorite horror films ever. I remember the first time I saw "Carrie" (back in the day) and thought to myself this has to be one of the best scary movies I have ever seen. Sissy Spacek's performace was extraordinary. I love the film but I'm still rather biased to King's written words. :0)

  3. I still won't say that any movie is better than the book. Unless of course, we are talking about the "novelization" of films. Which is just a tragedy.

    This was a great movie though! With the exception of Shawshank and The Green Mile, it maybe by favorite King film.


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