Saturday, January 22, 2011

Question of the Day #61: Has Stephen King inspired you to do anything in your life?

The simple answer to that question is yes.  King has inspired me in these ways and so many more:

• To read his books despite all of the challenges I faced with reading in my youth

• To write daily in a blog which I dedicated to him. I had never written anything publicly before and believe me I was terrified to do so. I still am petrified to write at times. He makes a point to write daily so I have tried to make a similar goal for myself.

• To exercise and read every day. He walks 3-4 miles a day while reading, if the most prolific author of our time can find  the time to do the things he needs to do for his health and fulfillment, then so can I.

Stephen King inspires me because he has overcome so many obstacles in his life such as addiction, financial troubles, illness, injury, and rejection. There are so many things I could write but I don't want to appear to be gushing about him. My admiration is for his ability to achieve in the face of adversity where many others have failed. No matter what, his work ethic has created who he is, a master at what he does. I feel that his level of accomplishments are an example of what we can and should all strive for on a daily basis.  Thank you Mr. King for your hard work and dedication for all these years and setting an example for us all to live by.


  1. To write short fiction :)


  2. Definitely to write! Everytime I read him I want to write and write and write

  3. Definitely an inspiration to take time out to read and his work has been an inspiration in my artwork direction! I also find inspiration to write after reading from a King novel.


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