Friday, January 21, 2011

Question of the Day #60: Is there a Stephen King related item(s) that you didn't purchase that you wish you had?

Under The Dome
The purchase that I wish I had made was  Under The Dome UK Signed Limited Edition.  (limited to 500)  I had this book in the cart ready to thing I've learned, you snooze you lose. 

(The above photo is not the UK Signed, Limited Edition Cover)

Also The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Pop-Up Book), (Do you remember the quote by Dana Carvey as Pistachio Disguisey "It's a pop-up" in The Master of Disguise? He cracks me up, now every time I think of or hear the word pop-up I think of him.) I wish I would have grabbed it when I saw it.  I marveled at pop-up books as a child and it would be the only one I have in my collection.  If I'm not mistaken this was a limited edition book.


  1. Yeah! And the UK S/L actually has a dedicated signature page and a slipcase. A much nicer looking book than the crappy Scribner US limited.

    The standard GWLTG pop-up was a trade edition and there were 60k copies printed. You should still be able to find one, publisher sealed, for not much more than retail (~$25). There was a signed/limited that was released too. Originally advertised at $500 and eventually marked up to $1000 before publication, it remains one of the most controversial S/Ls in King's history. It only varies from the trade edition by one extra page with an additinal pop-up that contains King's sig. It also has a slipcase.

    For me, I don't think I have any particular missed regrets. I'm pretty impulsive and buy what I can afford when I see it. I do regret not starting collecting King in general sooner. I'll never afford The Gunslinger S/L now! :-) I did promise myself, though, that I'd put money away for a standard 1/1 trade of the same, this year or the next... before the film inflates the price.

  2. If you wish, I could send you "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" as a txt/doc/pdf file. Just give me your email address (I can't use the contact form above).

    I'd like to have all 1st editions as well as the limited & the extended ones, but it's impossible :(


  3. D.
    Send me your email address via the contact us.

  4. SCMT:

    Hi, after checking around I was able to find a couple of pop-ups online the price is reasonable too. Hey I saw that one S/L GWLTG it was priced at 1400+ Holy cow, for a pop-up book!?!

    My "Shivers VI" showed up today. :) Rather quick since I pre-ordered it a week or two ago.

    'The Gunslinger' Trade 1/1 signed for a good price but you will need to hurry.

  5. You could pick up a signed limited of TGWLTG pop-up for only $899 at Betts if you are really interested. Less than retail!

  6. RE: "D.
    Send me your email address via the contact us."




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