Thursday, January 20, 2011

Question of the Day #59: If you saw Stephen King out in public minding his own business would you approach him?

Stephen King Author, Art Poster by Jim DavisNah, I wouldn't approach him but if he looked in my general direction I would wave and smile.  Then I might possibly say "Hi, Mr. King" in a very quiet voice (almost a whisper). That way he wouldn't get mobbed by other people that might not have noticed him yet.  I know that Stephen King enjoys his privacy so I would try to respect that by being discreet.  I wouldn't want to offend my favorite author in any way. 

On second thought, I might say "Mr. King, you rock." lol  JK


  1. I would walk up to him, stare straight into his face, and say something along the lines of "Wordslinger. All will know The Crimson King's anger. Yonder Thunderclap, do the Wolves come. He doesn't like silly games, do ya kennit. O Discordia!"

    Then I would wait for him to say something and respond in a different voice.

    "Have we met somewhere? I know you from somewhere."

  2. Hey Lebeau2501,

    Good one, your answer is so much more interesting than mine. Instead of downplaying his presence, you would say and do something that he would most likely never, and I mean NEVER forget. rofl I'm sure the look on his face would be priceless.haha

  3. Lebeau,

    Hahahah... that's too funny. A great answer!


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