Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Chick City's Book 1

Book # 1 BCC's SKCThe Colorado Kid is one of King's novels that you won't want to skip. 

Don't judge this book by its cover, this book is not at all what it appears.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Colorado Kid, this novel seemed to flow perfectly.  Although this novel is short, the mystery and the true-to-life characters make up for its length.  I most enjoyed the banter between the the two old guys Dave Bowie and Vince Teague.  Dave is the founder of the local newspaper The Weekly Islander while Vince is the editor.  The basis of the story is a discussion they have with their intern, Stephanie McCann, about an investigation they conducted years earlier.  The mystery involves a John Doe found on Hammock Beach in Maine.  They attempt to answer a series of questions about said John Doe. This was a great book for the Stephen King Challenge, it was short and engaging.

Book # 2 Carrie 

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