Monday, January 10, 2011

Question of the Day #56: Who would you like to see play Eddie Dean?

ATSK's choice for Eddie Dean is Shia LeBouf.

He is about the right age to play Eddie.

His build is about what I imagined for Eddie.

Playing a "bad boy" wouldn't be too much of stretch for him.

Shia is a talented actor that could evolve his character from a drug addict into Roland' friend and sidekick.

Let me know what you think of him or anyone else you think could play the role of Eddie Dean.

Fan Choices for Eddie Dean:

Crispin Glover


  1. Some unknown actor, not only for Eddie, but for all characters.


  2. Crispin Glover! He'd get my vote. Scott Glen for Roland...

  3. Hey Anonymous,

    Thanks for commenting. Go check Fan Choices for Roland I will post Scott Glen there.


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