Monday, December 20, 2010

Ron Howard is devoting a lot of time to 'The Dark Tower'

In this L. A. Times article The Dark Tower: Ron Howard's (plans) and passion for Stephen King Epic

Ron has admitted to devoting a lot of time to The Dark Tower, spending a full year prior to taking on the project.  (My feeling is that Ron Howard wants to get it right.  If this film is done correctly it could gross more than LotR with a huge King following to tout it or it could fail horribly if too much time is spent on logistics.  Unfortunately, time is money in Hollywood so I have to wonder what is going to suffer to try to keep the costs down.)

Hugh Jackman
6' 2" to 6' 3" 

Ron explained that this project is very exciting because there is so much room for interpretation. (Personally, that is the appeal of Stephen King's books; he doesn't have to spell out every aspect of his books to his readers. King has always allowed us, his constant readers, to dream and create images with our own minds based on our own experiences to fill in the grey areas. In my opinion, I have always disliked when a movie seems to "plagiarize" the work of an author. A film should have some individuality or slight differences from its original source. There should be some allowances for a director/producer to have a creative vision, otherwise it would be just a copy, usually a bad copy, of the original. I’m just sayin’.)

Ron Howard talks about who might play the lead Roland Deschain.

Daniel Craig
5' 10"

 What do you think about these possible actors?

Jon Hamm


  1. Hugh Jackman would make a perfect Roland Deschain!

  2. Ditto Three... Jackman would be great. I always saw Roland in my head a little bit like Clint Eastwood and I think Jackman pulls that off.

  3. Josh Holloway or Roger Howarth!

  4. Thanks Kim for suggesting these actors', I will post their photos for you! :)


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