Saturday, September 4, 2010

Question Of The Day #54 : If you had a chance to look at the photos from Stephen's Empire, what were your favorites?

Favorites Group 1 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #60 "For your little monsters!",  #110 "Suffer The Little Children",  # 212 "Free tank of gas and a Possession with Every Car."

#60    This one just made me laugh.  If you are a parent "monster" is putting it mildly.
#110  This one was soooo sad, and at the same time really funny.
#212  I thought that this person put a lot of thought into this submission.

There were others in this group that I liked, but these were my favorites.  Later today I may post my secondary favorites to see if any of these are picked for the final 12.

Favorites Group 2 Photo Submissions Click Here:  #591 Pho King Way, #610  "I said 'Sai King' not 'Sign King' you idiot!",  #569 "I'm sick of these pyrokinetic students! If we have to rebuild this place one more time....."

#591   I blogged about this one before ROTF LMAO with this one.
#610   This one struck me as being cleaver and funny.
#569   This person looked at the photo and did such a great job of describing the goings on in the photo.  LOL    

Favorites Group 3 Photo Submissions Click Here:    #1098 "King's Haunted House of Whores (Horrors)" #1100 "I've got an itchy feeling that's something's missing," said Edgar Freemantle."  #1392 "King makes it all connect."

#1098  Whores (horrors),  now that's funny :D!
#1100  The caption matched the photo so well, loved it!
#1392  The tie in to The Dark Tower and how King manages to connect most of his books to DT.

   Please go to, check out the semi-finalists and see what you think, come back and write about it.

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  1. I would have to say my favorite is the picture of "Pennywise Lane" sign. The caption says "ITs a hell of a place to live!" and it makes me laugh. It is a great picture and caption. So Stephen King'esque.


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