Saturday, March 6, 2010

Question of the Day #21: Have you read any books written by Joe Hill, Owen King, or Tabitha King?

The books that I have read were written by Joe Hill. Heart-Shaped Box, and 20th Century Ghosts.  My understanding is that Stephen King's wife Tabitha King is also an accomplished author.  For a list of novels written by Tabitha King visit Wikipedia. She has also submitted photos that are placed on the flaps of some of SK's books.  I have yet to read any of her books but at some point I plan to read of some of them.  Owen King has authored  We're All In This Together: A Novella and Stories and his work has also appeared in various newspapers and magazines.

Watch this video:
Stephen, Tabitha, and Owen King speak in D.C.- Library of Congress 4/4/08

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  1. Personally, I have not read any of their books. I have heard good things about Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box" and plan on reading that one. I look forward to reading it.

  2. I have read it (Heart-Shaped Box). Good book although not as good as the books of the father. The style of Joe Hill is very close to the style of the "King", you will like it.

  3. Agreed on everything you said. SK is very hard to beat.


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