Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kingdom Hospital

Link to the synopsis, trailer, and cast listed for the series is on IMDb (Internet Movie Data Base)

Link to Stephen King's website about Kingdom Hospital

Wiki information on Kingdom Hospital

There is a book called The Journals Of Eleanor Druse about the Kingdom Hospital occurrences. This book was written by Richard Dooling pen name Eleanor Druse The book is listed with Eleanor Druse and Stephen King as the authors. The author(s) present this book as a truthful account of the incidents there but it is a book of fiction. The "journal" even begins with a cover letter addressed to Stephen King, which gives the look of an actual journal. While reading this book, I felt like I knew Sally Druse, Bobby (her son), the orderlies, and all of the doctors in the hospital. Surprisingly, the author made me laugh a few times considering it was supposed to be about something horrific. Basically, Eleanor Druse (Sally), is a physic that is concerned for a child that she hears crying during a visit to the hospital. When she realises she is not a child of this world she decides to help her to cross over. When Sally was at Kingdom Hospital as a child she narrowly avoids being permanetly rewired in an experiment that could have changed her whole life, as it does Madeline Kruger's. She uncovers many disturbing facts about Kingdom Hospital, and its past. Read it. I posed the question about the authors to the Moderator at and the answer was that since Stephen King came up with the concept for the book he got credit for it.

ISBN 1-4013-0123-1 Kindle version is $3.96 (12/11/09)

Hardcover edition $30.95 (12/11/09)

Barnes and Noble CD's and books
DVD is still sold on sells for $19.49 for the entire series

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