Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Digging into interviews and stories about Stephen King's near-fatal accident

Link to the story in the New Yorker written a while ago by Stephen himself On Impact accounting the details of his accident. If you read both articles you will see some very weird (to say the least) coincidences and interesting information about Kingdom Hospital and how it relates to his accident. What an inspiring article!

This is the link to the song that Stephen mentions in the article.

This is an article on Bryan Smith/Brian Smith(not sure of the true spelling) the guy hit him with his van.

This is the town where the accident occurred,(along Route 5, North Lovell) this is where SK's summer house is located.,_Maine

Also, view this link official page to Lovell, Maine, beautiful! I wonder if it was the inspiration for Bag of Bones (eerily similar).

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