Monday, November 29, 2010

ATSK goes to Portsmouth, NH

My family and I are making the 9 hour trek to River Run Bookstore to see King this Thursday for the 'FDNS' signing.  The only thing that I am hoping for is for the weather to warm up a bit so we aren't standing out in the cold for endless hours. :(  I guess you have to do what you've gotta do to see King in person.  IMO it is totally worth it.       


  1. Aw, no way! You got tix? SO JEALOUS! (And I suppose that means more signed FDNS? EVEN BETTER!)


    Hope it was a blast! I drove 13 hours to see him last time. :-)

  2. SCMT: Unfortunatley, we already have a few signed copies of 'UTD' or I would definately consider it. Sorry :( (We got them at the Baltimore signing last year.)

    It should be lots of fun but cold, I've never been to New Hampshire before. I've been to Boston and all I remember is how cold it was. We will be driving part of the way, staying in Connecticut, then getting up the next day and driving the remainder of the trip. I'm praying for warmer weather because my son will complain a lot if it is too cold!!!!!!!! arrgh!

    Question: Will you drive 13 hours again?
    Answer: Of course you would, what an absurd question for me to ask! HA HA lol

  3. Yeah, always assuming I had the PTO and cash necessary, I'd drive across the country to see him. :-)

    I've never been to Boston, but it sounds awesome. I hope to visit someday (I'm actually applying to grad school there next year).

    No worries, I was only (half) kidding about the trade. Here's hoping the weather cooperates!


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