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Great Reviews for 'Full Dark, No Stars'

USA Today review
Financial Times review

"This book hit me like a freight train, I'm still reeling.  This is a great collection of novellas/"  All Things Stephen King

My blurb:  The utterly chilling story 1922 takes gruesome to a new level.  When a marriage sours over a dispute involving some property, a plan is devised to put an end to said dispute; a deadly end. 1922 tells a grisly story about a family and others decimated by treachery, madness, and murder because a couple could not compromise. 

While reading the tale at midnight last night this song kept replaying in my mind.
The Fixx One Thing Leads To Another go here to read the lyrics.   When this story ended I thought; Rats, it's over!   


The story Big Driver takes your emotions on a wild ride.  This is a story about a mystery writer named Tess.  When Tess is returning home from a speaking engagement for a book group, she is ensnared in a trap meant to end her life.  You will find that Tess’ resolve is admirable and quite cunning.

Fair Extension was a good story that stirred overwhelming feelings of pity for Tom Goodhugh. ****SPOILER ALERT!  Tom Goodhugh 'falls from grace' in the worst way possible.  No girlfriend-stealing person deserves what happened to him.END SPOILER ALERT****  The ending left me thinking hmmmm, wasn't expecting that!  I was really hoping for a different outcome for Streeter.

In the expertly-written story called A Good Marriage, King writes a thought-provoking story about betrayal, deception, and intense fear.  This story begs the questions, how well do you really know your spouse (or anyone close to you) and what would I do if I was in the same situation?  This is one of those stories that make you go hmmmmm... 


  1. I'm about three quarters the way though "1922" and I might say that this is might be most disturbing story King ever wrote.

    What parent does that to their kid? And how much worse can it get?? DAMN.

  2. Finger / Brain connection fail...

    I think people probably get what I was trying to say with that fist sentence, but wow. Just... wow.

    Keyboards and I need to not need to interact between the hours of 11p and 6a.

  3. Holy crap. I just looked at that again. I give up, I'm going home.

  4. SCMT: LOL, that made me laugh. :) I know what you mean when you say brain/finger connection fail. I sometimes hope that some people don't read my obvious zombie posts. When I go back a day or two later I think, oh god did I really write that? If it is any consolation, I know what you meant and I'm quite aware of how hard it is to write a post when you are tired and in "SK mode”. I just want to keep reading his story at any cost (mostly to my rest). Yes, '1922' is disturbing to the nth degree. The fact that he destroys his son for his own agenda is unforgiveable so much that Hell isn’t even an appropriate punishment. He not only destroyed his life, he destroyed so many other peoples’ lives in the process. I am a mother of a 13 year old, only child, so this story resonates with me on a very deep level. Only King could write a story like this and be totally honest about every aspect of this "hard-to-stomach" situation. If you think '1922' is disturbing, just wait until 'Big Driver', from the perspective of a woman, this story is dark but at the same time in full-color if you know what I mean. This story shook me to the core. The feelings that this story provoked in me are raw and unforgiving. So far, this book has managed to reveal the ugly in people that most of us don’t really want to accept or examine.


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