Monday, November 22, 2010

Bridgton Bookstore in Bridgton, ME

There was a small number of Full Dark, No Stars books that were signed by Stephen King for Bridgton Bookstore.  The store sells to locals only.  The person who answered the phone was surprised to hear that one of the books that was purchased at the store was on ebay.  The person on the phone stated that he tries to only sell to local collectors or churches.  I was also invited to stop in the store if I am ever in the local area.  (If I ever do go to Bridgeton, ME that will be one of my stops with hopes of a possible signed book, any signed book by King.)

Signed Full Dark, No Stars on ebay (completed listing).  Reseller sold it for $262.00


  1. Not a bad mark-up! I think that signed copies of this book will go for far more than most, especially the recent Under The Dome. I negotiated to buy a case of extra signed copies from the bookstore after the event last December in Vermont and I know for a fact I could not get anywhere close to that amount for them.

    I'll probably hang on to them for a few years and see what happens. I'm glad you got your signed a personalized copy!

  2. SCMT: Hi, did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I hope you did. Mine was great.

    Do you really think 'FDNS' will go for more than most? Why do you think so? 'FDNS' is a great book, one that I will want to re-read again and again. The critics even seemed to enjoy this book. I don't think I have read a bad review yet.

    You said you bought a CASE of 'UTD'? That was a wise investment. Way to go! Sit on them a few years and you should make a good profit. The market is horrible right now for any signed book sales but wait; you should see a significant increase in about 2-5 years. I hope you make a lot off of them eventually, if you do plan to sell them.

    Thanks, I put my book in a shadow box with my winning photo along with the photo of the title page of 'FDNS'. This book is priceless to me. No amount of money could get me to sell it. It has too much sentimental value to me.


  3. No necessarily most of all, but for sure more than recent books. After all, King is only doing one (possibly two signings), for UtD he did at least, what, 10-15 with at least 250 signed books at each location? And then the "limited" editions both Scribner (1500 copies) in the US and Hodder (500) in the UK sold. Sheer numbers have driven the price down for a signed copy of that book. There must easily be 5000+ signed copies floating around.

    Meanwhile you have one of less than a couple hundred signed copies of FDNS, at least until CDs (750) copies come out in January. So based on numbers alone, I think it will retain a better value. And I like the stories better too! Very, very dark and creepy stuff. King's recent short output has really taken an interesting turn. Much more psychological that his usual stuff.

    I did buy the case (10 copies) with the intent to sell some day. I already have my own copy and may keep an extra, but I don't need that many! I've put together a package with the book, the flier from the event and a very amateur DVD that we shot from the front row of the reading (which was on folding chairs in an elementary school gym). I think it's a pretty neat bundle and should sell well in a few years.

    That's super cool about your FDNS display. It sounds very cool. I completely agree, that I would NEVER EVER sell anything like that either. If I ever got a personalized King book, I'd have a custom made felt-lined wooden box to keep it in, just to make sure it was safe and looked bad-ass on my shelf. Does your shadow box have UV glass in the front? I'd hate to see your dustjacket fade.

    Anyway, yup, Thanksgiving was nice, glad to hear your was too. Have a merry Christmas!

  4. SCMT: Yeah, I expected the lack of signed numbers for 'FDNS' would make it more valuable. Yes and I also thought you would think the stories were better too. (That is mainly why I asked.) The book was dark, with King at his very best.

    The vid sounds like it would be fun to see. That alone would be worth it. :)

    My book is on a bookself where there is no direct or even indirect sunlight so I think is is fine. Thanks for making me think over its placement a little more closely though.

    Glad your Thanksgiving was nice. Christmas should be a blast here.


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