Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stephen King Picks The Next 50 Semi-Finalists

Stephen's Empire

The next 50 posts were picked but they weren't shown in Flash like last time.  Earlier it had been posted that the entries would run from numbers 401-800 but the cut-off looks like it was well past 800.  The final entry was number 885.  So, I am unsure where the actual cut-off was...maybe 900? You will need to go through all the posts and find out what post numbers belonged to yours or just to see who the Semi-Finalists were.  (I have 4 entries now in total!!!!)  The Road King sign is not one of my entries but found it to use as a visual next to this post on lol see post # 52 for 1-50

Confirmed post numbers 401-900 were judged in this round.

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