Friday, August 6, 2010

NPR National Public Radio Lists Top 100 Killer Thrillers

Stephen King had 6 novels, count them 6, chosen out of 600 novels with over 17,000 ballots cast.  Here I listed the results for Stephen King.  One of the authors whose books Stephen King reads religiously,  Lee Child got a few nods.  For the full article and  to find out the other 94 novels on the list visit NPR.

# 7.    The Shining
# 12.  The Stand
# 22.  IT
# 37.  Salem's Lot
#44.   Pet Sematary
#45.   Dead Zone


  1. Well, I've read most of these 100 books and some of them are not exactly thrillers. Strange list, isn't it?

  2. D. I recognize some as thrillers but haven't read as much as you. Which don't you feel belong? Just wonderin'....... :)

  3. Many of the books are not pure thrillers and some are not thrillers at all. "The Hound of the Baskervilles", for example, is a detective fiction. "The Count of Monte Cristo" is an adventure novel. And so on.

  4. Hi D.
    I guess everyone has their own idea about what a thriller really means to them. For me it is any book written by Stephen King, but I am sure some might not even like his books. You are right that some of the books don't really seem to fit into this category at all. Maybe some votes were a little biased because they wanted a certain book on the NPR list? I can say that I was happy to see King's books on there though. (Even if I do feel they should have taken the first 6 spots! That would be my biased opinion.) ha ha Thanks D for your thoughts on this NPR post, always enjoy reading your thoughts. Have a great day/evening, whatever it may be for you right now.


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