Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cemetery Dance Announces Special Editions of 'Full Dark, No Stars'

Cemetery Dance:  There will be 3 editions of the soon to be released Full Dark, No Stars.    Look at the quality of this cover art and artwork.  Each edition will have a unique cover, check them out here.  
1.  Slipcased Gift Edition Hardcover $75.00 Limited to 1,750  50% Sold within 24 hours!
2.  Traycased & Signed Limited Edition Hardcover $350.00 Limited to 750 SOLD OUT within 24 hrs!
3.  Traycased & Signed Deluxe Lettered Edition Hardcover $1,500.00 Limited to 52 SOLD OUT within 24 hrs!

There will be 4 artists involved with this project. 



  1. (It appears blogspot ate my comment from yesterday... repost)

    Whoohoo! I can't wait, I ordered my copy (gift ed. of course, someday I'll have the balls to order a $350 book) Tuesday and was very happy to learn it would be out in December already.

    This fall is going to be amazing for my "Wall of King" (link through my name for photos of my meager collection). The long delayed Secretary of Dreams II arrived this week. Shortly I will be seeing the trade US & UK hardcovers of Full Dark on my door. Now the limited in time for Christmas maybe? Oh! And Riding the Bullet in the next couple of weeks!

    So happy. ;-)

    P.S. Did you ever get your name drawn for that uber-limited Billy edition from LRB?

  2. Hi SCMT: CD's 'Full Dark,No Stars' is going to be quite an amazing book, I'm glad that you will be getting this one by the end of the year, we sure waited long enough for S of D 2. (I'm still considering buying FDNS Gift Edition, I really want it but would love to hold it my hands and look through it first. Tell me what you think of it when you get it.) For me, $350 is really too much for us to pay right now for a book. It is nice though, that CD does offer a book with the same quality of their more expensive books without the sticker shock.

    Right now I'm getting ready to head over to your Flickr account and check out your photos.

    I received my Secretary of Dreams 2 also this past week. Glenn Chadbourne is an incredible artist which adds so much the these exceptional stories that have been written by King.

    The answer to your question is no, I was never contacted by CD for any of the lotteries for the 'Blockade Billy' Limited Editions, which was probably a good thing for the bank account.

    Have a great day!

  3. Yeah, we did wait a long time for SoDII. I was getting sooo frustrated there for a while! :-)

    I would love to order a true signed limited some day too, but can never imagine justifying that kind of price. Maybe after I graduate!

    I was going to hold off on buying the gift Full Dark, but they announced it the day I received my SoDII and I was just so impressed with that book, that I caved. That and the fact they were selling so well, I didn't want to miss out. I guess it's not going to be as big as SoD, but the "oversize" like the gift edition of From a Buick 8 (which I have never seen, but understand is a bit smaller). Either way, I love the jacket art and in interiors they posted, so I figure it's worth it. That and the fact you can't find a gift ed. of FaB8 for less than $300 now. :-)

    I'll let you know when I post pictures.


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