Monday, October 18, 2010

Final 12 Photos Selected

The final 12 were selected for Stephen's Empire and MINE was one of the 12!  I am so very excited!!  This comes very close to one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.  Congrats to all the winners of Stephen's Empire.  I also noticed that Pho King Way was a winner too! (still ROTF LMAO!)  This contest was a total blast!  And may I add, thanks SK again for making my day, week, year!!!  

This photo almost wasn't taken.  When I googled places, I saw that there was a Roland Park in Baltimore, MD which was kind of far for us to drive in the evening.  My husband plugged all of the addresses into the GPS and drove while I took pictures on other sign-scouting days.  My husband had been very busy that week, when I told him not to bother with Baltimore he said that we were going to go no matter how busy he was.  (I'm glad he insisted!)  We found Roland Park and while turning the corner we saw this sign, I thought how perfect is this?  Roland and Eddie together again!   Eddie's of Roland Park is a gourmet grocery store that started in 1944!  My favorite things about the photo are the red bricks, the pub lights, and the contrasting white ornate lettering. 

Now this is when I have to thank my husband and son for all the great support even if it was a little obsessive!  Thanks guys you are the greatest!


  1. Congratulations! This is great!

  2. D. :) I'm so very happy, I never a million years! Thanks

  3. Congrats! I hope you win something AWESOME. Let us know if you get any goodies!

  4. SCMT: Thank you, thank you. The winners are supposed to get a signed copy of 'Full Dark, No Stars" after publication. Personalization of the book would be awesome but not expected at all. Just knowing that he liked my photo and caption enough to pick it is ultra-cool enough for me but the book is an added bonus. I don't think I'll be putting a book cover on this one! Ha ha!

  5. A book cover?

  6. SCMT: I was referring to my blog post from way back on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 when I mentioned that Book Sox were cheap to cover the book (so I wouldn't have to look at the cover.) This book though, is going to get some "extra-special" care, its own little shrine. jk

  7. Right, I forgot about that! I think I would do the same thing if I won a signed book from a contest King himself ran (it's way better than getting a pre-signed book from a reading). Even if there was no personalization.

    I think I would get a custom wood traycase with velvet lining that I would leave open, placing the whole thing on a book stand, face out on the top row of my King case.

    Make me wish I had found a photo for the contest! The only thing near my house is a Salem township, but despite searching I could not find a "lot" with a sign near it, nor any place named Callahan's. :-) I did meet some guy name Straker though, he kept following me around asking what I was looking for...


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