Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Under the Dome

Dear Readers,

Doesn’t it seem all of Stephen Kings’ kudos for excellent writing is being kept “Under the Dome” so to speak? He is a writer that doesn't get a whole lot of credit for all that he has produced and written throughout the years. Stephen King is one author that cannot be summed up in one sentence or even a few sentences.

Many years ago, I came across a large paperback book named IT written by Stephen King. Back then, I always knew a book with a little scare was what I liked but never really read very much. There were a few books I finished while growing up but when I say a few I mean 3-4 books only. I mostly read vampire and ghost books. When I was in school, I had difficulty reading. Comprehension was my ultimate problem. If you can’t comprehend, you are not understanding. There wasn’t anyone that I could turn to about my difficulties in reading. Most times, I found myself daydreaming about anything but the paragraph I was reading. Reading the same paragraph many times didn’t even help me understand the text. My mind wandered off of what I was reading. Movies were how I got my entertainment. I knew Stephen King from his scary movies. His movies were wonderful to me! Carrie, The Shining, Pet Semetary, Children of the Corn are a few movies of his that I had seen and absolutely loved. So I was in my early 20’s and saw an entire section of his books on the shelf at a bookstore. The movies were so good the books had to be better, I thought. My desire was to conquer my reading difficulties. I knew I had to overcome this stumbling block in my life. IT was a book I had to read from cover to cover. I told myself, if I could finish this book I would have defeated my problems with reading. I told myself that I was going to finish this book if it took me 10 years to do it. The decision was made. I bought the book and read a few pages, which turned into 20 pages, which turned into more….. I got about ½ to ¾ of the way through the book and realized I was really frightened by IT. Well after all, I was reading it alone in bed right before falling asleep, alone, in the dark….. Isn’t that what his books are supposed to do, scare you? That’s why I was reading IT right? Stephen King had a way of really making you love the characters, somehow connecting you to them and scaring you out of your wits. All of the characters all seemed so real to me. I didn’t want to see any of them perish except Pennywise that is. Some of the favorite characters do though I know. That always adds to the story though. I put the book down and didn’t pick it up for another 2 years. Again, I told myself, if I finish this book I will have conquered my reading obstacle. I started the book from the beginning again. This time the story went quicker since I had read most of IT once already. I finished IT! For someone who always had trouble with reading I had actually finished something without daydreaming, without wondering what the paragraph was saying, without sitting there hating the fact that I had to read at all! I had found something I enjoyed reading. I was also right about something else. From that point on I had read many more of his books and still recommend IT to this day. This is the book that really started many years of enjoyable reading for me. I needed to find books that held my interest and kept me wanting to read more. For that, I thank you, Mr. King you saved me from a life of illiteracy. Also, for anyone else who has trouble reading,you should really try many different genres. There will be something that appeals to you, I promise you that much. Don’t give up on yourself. One other thing, put your mind to it and just do it.

This blog is dedicated to All Things Stephen King. I am passionate about his books and movies. You will find all kinds of information on this blog about him and his books.


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  1. While I never had the stumbling blocks into reading that you did (I'm glad you overcame them!) IT, was my first introduction into the world of Stephen King also.

    One of my father's friend was a huge fan and as a child I'd spend time at his house when my dad went over there to hang out, because his friend had a kid my age (~12 at the time?). In between competitions of Sega's Altered Beast (there, that should date me) I took the time to browse the dad's shelves.

    Many Stephen King titles were visible, but a copy of IT was lying on the shelf face up. That creepy green claw coming out the sewer just drew me in. It was a classic case of judging a book by it's cover! And I'm glad for it. The guy actually let me borrow the book and when my mom saw me reading it, she freaked out - figuring I was to young for it.

    It freaked me out too! (I couldn't take a shower for weeks without staring at the drain - the bloody balloon scene in Bev's bathroom freaked me out the most for some reason) But I was hooked. And I never turned back*...

    *Well I did once, but that is a story for another day. And obviously I came back.


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