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What Stephen King books am I reading now? Just After Sunset, Duma Key, and Under The Dome

I promise not to give too much away but I have to write about what I am reading right now so I can come back later and refresh my memory. Just After Sunset, Duma Key, and Under The Dome. I absolutely love Just After Sunset filled with engaging short stories, now a winner of a 2009 ALA Alex Award. I have heard many people say that they don't enjoy the short stories as much but this book (so far) is excellent. 

For me Willa was a little on the short side but the way the story finishes makes you think of how "it" could possibly be. You'll have to read and find out what "it" is referring to.

The Gingerbread Girl was an excellent story from beginning to end. Emily's way of dealing with the devastating things in her life is both excruciatingly sad and inspiring. You do not have a clue how this story is going to end until the last page or two. This is a must read whether you like short stories or not!

Harvey's Dream has a way of imitating life. That is all I am going to say. I liked this story.

Rest Stop is one of those stories that brings a lot of issues involving domestic violence to the surface. It makes you think about what you might do in the same situation. I know what I would do, how about you? This was a good story.

Stationary Bike tells about a guy named Richard Sifkitz whom when he goes to the doctor and gets his cholesterol number realizes he's gotta make some changes. What he realizes is the positive changes that he is making adversely affects someone else, but who? Does this story try to teach moderation in everything? Read, and see what you think. (Also, a little tidbit of interesting information, one of the workers in the story is named Michell Whelen, but if you know Stephen King's books one of his actual artists for his Dark Tower books is named Michael Whelen,his name actually appears in the paperback book on page 208.) See Link to his site:

The Things They Left Behind is a story about some unlikely things that appear out of nowhere and what Scott Staley must do with them. This is a very poignant story. You must read this one.

Graduation Afternoon is a story that really makes you think about how things can go awry in an instant. Stephen King manages to put you right there and experience something that we all pray doesn't ever happen. I highly recommend this one.

N. You may already know about this story, because it was released as a precursor to the book release in video form but it is a story that discusses OCD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. N. is someone who is a completely normal individual until he stumbles across some rock formations. He was attempting to get some nice photos for his annual calendar for his friends. Once he finds these formations many disturbing images occur to him. N. is compelled to count, place, and touch everything for protection. The weight of the world seems to be on his shoulders...... This is a great story the video that was released really covers the essence of the story but is a must read. Here is the link to the precursor episode 1 of 25:
N. to become a comic book miniseries March 2010 click for full story:

The Cat From Hell Well, let's just say the name says it all. This story makes me want to avoid every cat that I ever see. The characters in this story are an old man named Drogan and a hitman named Halston. Drogan has an unlikely hit for Halston. This story was short and extremely sinister.

New York Times at Special Bargain Rates speaks to those who may have lost a loved one and the question of afterlife. When a widow gets a call that no one else is aware of, she questions whether it ever even happened. This story was the perfect length. The story left me wanting more information about the characters in this story. This was a great story.

Mute makes you question how truthful people are being with you. Monette deals with deception on many levels from a few people in the story. If Monette were a real guy I would feel a lot of pity for him. I really never expected the outcome in this story. I really doubt I will ever forget this story.
Anyone who has dealt with the terminally ill should read Ayana, it is a sweet story of hope in the face of death. Stephen King writes this story in the King-style about a father that is terminally ill and how a son deals with the sickness. Then about what eventually happens to him and his father simultaneously which results in his complete recovery.

A Very Tight Place involves a bitter dispute over some prime real estate in FL. The argument ensues between Curtis Johnson and Tim Grunwald. These two detest each other to the core. Only one thought or feeling comes to mind when I think of this story, EWWWWWWWWW! This story has got the ultimate yuck factor going!  Did I mention EWWWWWWWWW?!

Just After Sunset is wonderful book of short stories.  Please feel free to post any thoughts or opinions of your own. :)

Duma Key is about Edgar Freemantle whom for the first half of his life was a successful Builder/Contractor. He was married for many years and had two great daughters. His life was what most would consider the American Dream. All of his good fortune seems to change when he is severely injured on the job, when he loses his arm. After the accident, he realizes his life has drastically changed his personality, abilities, marriage, and career. Edgar feels compelled to move to Duma Key, FL and moves into "Big Pink", a cottage located on the water . "Big Pink" is where he realizes his insatiable appetite for his long lost ability to draw, paint, and sketch. After Edgar arrives he paints and walks everyday, almost compulsively. He pushes his body to the limits to heal by taking long walks each day. He continues to make new goals each day. The goal then becomes to reach a gentleman who sits on the beach with an ice cold drink waiting for him daily. I am currently around page 423 where the plot is now beginning to be revealed.

Link to an article of an interview with Stephen King about Duma Key:,28804,1934180_1934196_1935977,00.html

Link to Wiki Duma Key:

Link to video interview with Stephen King on The Today Show about Duma Key:

Under The Dome trivia.  According to SKMB (Stephen King Message Board) Stephen King got the name for Jim Rennie from (Reny's Department Store, Newcastle, Maine) which according to Ms. Mod. was also the inspiration for Romeo Burpee, store owner of Burpee's Department Store, Chester's Mill, Maine. 

Big Jim Rennie's character cards from the Deluxe Edition or the Signed Collector's Editon looks very much like Dick Cheney.  Stephen King fashioned Big Jim Rennie after Dick Cheney.  While Andy Sanders, the First Selectman, looks and acts like George W. Bush.  Julia Shumway resembles Sarah Palin.

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