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Creepshow 2 1987 Liked it? NO, loved it!

Creepshow 2 1987 *Note the first scene shows an actual Maine license plate that spells out CREEP. In the beginning to Venus Fly Trap, a boy around 12 named Billy is waiting for a paper delivery truck for his newest comic book to arrive. That's when the narrator ghoul named The Creep delivers the comics to Billy then this part of the movie becomes animated. Billy orders a venus fly trap from one of his comics.

Old Chief Woodenhead is about a couple that run a store in an old ghost town called Dead River. The story begins with the store owner named Ray Spruce singing Jimmy Crack Corn And I Don’t Care while painting the face of an old wooden statue in front of his general store. The store owner talks to the wooden chief statue and seems to have quite an attachment to it. His wife Martha Spruce wants him to quit running his general store because she feels it is “all dried up”. She wants him to abandon the store that has been so good to them through the years. A Native American man named Benjamin Whitemoon comes into his store and talks about how ashamed he is of his people’s indebtedness to his store. He offers the store owner one rare piece of jewelry from each family in the tribe, in exchange for more time to pay off the debt they owe him. He reluctantly accepts the collateral from his debtors. As Benjamin leaves the store he speaks in his native language to the statue. When at that time, the statue moves. While Ray and his wife are outside the store, hooligans begin ransacking their store. The thieves wanted all the money and the rare jewelry valued at over $10,000. One of the theives was the nephew of Benjamin, and I might add ,quite obsessed with his hair. When an unfortunate thing happens to Ray and his wife someone wants revenge. Old Chief Woodenhead was a great story. If you like seeing someone getting what they deserve watch this. The fat guy reminds me of Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers series. He was so disgusting. *A side note: During Old Chief Woodenhead when the people are back at their homes The Cisco Kid is playing on all of the TV’s.

Billy receives his comic book Venus Fly Trap that he ordered in the mail. He says, "It eats meat!"

The Raft involves 4 young adults, Laverne, Randy(Pancho), Deke(Cisco), and Rachel in a Firebird doing drugs and partying it up when they decide to stop at a lake to go swim out to a raft that they had seen before. The two guys jump in to 45 to 50 degree temperature water and swim out to the raft. When Randy is swimming out to the raft he notices there were ducks around some unknown blob on the surface of the water. The ducks were then sucked into the middle of the fibrous, floating blob. The blob's basic shape is round and floats around the raft. Their observation of the blob was some kind of oil slick, at first. The girl named Rachel was inclined to put her hand near the blob in the water when she is then pulled in. Randy, the good swimmer, decides he is going to swim away. That is when the substance comes between the raft planks grabs his leg. Randy and Laverne, being the only two left keep watch, try to stay awake but....  Another Side note: Pancho and Cisco are the nicknames for Randy and Deke again another reference to The Cisco Kid.  Stephen King does such a great job of taking something that is seemingly harmless and making it into something that makes your hair stand on end.

Then it cuts to Billy riding home and getting picked on by some bullies. They take out his Venus flytrap plant and squish it.

The Hitchhiker is about a lady Annie Lansing that is unfaithful to her husband and sleeps with a gigolo (pay close attention behind the gigolo's head, Stephen King’s IT hardcover on the shelf behind the bed). After leaving the gigolo’s home, she begins to drive home trying to concoct a story about why she is late. She then drops her cigarette in her lap. All of her attention is obviously on trying to get the cigarette off of her lap.  That is when she runs off the freeway onto Maine Interstate 395. She then hits a hitchhiker standing along the road with a sign that reads Dover, then she decides to flee the scene.  Stephen King is the truck driver who stops and places the flair.  He plays the truckdriver well, his comments about the accident are funny.  Further down the road she begins talking to herself and getting a little paranoid, telling herself she could always turn herself in if she can’t live with herself. When she stops she sees a vision of the hitchhiker all bloodied and limping towards her car. Then she hears the hitchiker tapping at her window and repeatedly telling her, “Thanks for the ride lady."   The hitchhiker keeps repeating the same mantra while trying to get to her at various times during the story. He is now holding a sign that says YOU KILLED ME!!  She repeatedly continues to try to get rid of him through various means.  When she awakes from passing out she thinks it was all a dream.  Somehow she manages to get home in her demolished mercedes to only find that she isn't alone.

Billy is again being chased by the same bullies as earlier. Billy knows what he has to do to take care of his bully problem.

At the end of Creepshow 2, the comic from the original Creepshow with Voodoo Doll on the cover was shown.  (I thought that that was a cool way to link the two movies together.) There was also some blurb about  how comic books aren't bad for juevenile boys that was published in 1949.

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