Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally my "Carrie" review Book 2

I thought it would be an interesting twist to do a glog for my Book Chick City Stephen King Challenge review of Carrie .  The Glog adds a whole new element to a simple review.  Hope you like the review and my Glog.  The next book is The Shining with less than 50 pages left until I finish the book.  I am simultaneously reading Rose Madder.

Please tell me what you think, do you like this new way of blogging/glogging?  Peace


  1. Hi Kim,

    How have you been lately? I hope you are doing well. :D This is how I found out about what a Glog is all about. My son came home from school and told me had a poster project he had to complete online by the name of a Glog. I thought I was hearing him wrong so he showed me his account which was set up at school with a .edu address. There are two types of addresses for Glogster .edu (used for school purposes) and a regular account .com. Glogster allows you to create an online poster by using video, sound effects, pictures (you can use some they provided,use your own photos or ones you find online), adding links, and animated items they offer. When I saw the possibilities of adding another type of media to my blog I was thrilled. The thing is you can do this for any topic you choose. For example scrapbook pages, poetry, fan pages, the possibilities are endless. There are over 1 million users on Glogster now. I thought wow, now I can use my creativity by using a visual or sound to add to my posts. My son’s Glog is due on Friday and I think I will add it to a special tab on my blog. His Glog is meant to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness. He will recieve 10 Student Service Learning hours towards his 75 required to graduate HS. When looking at a Glog hover over some of the pictures to see if there is scroll button so you can read more or check for links etc.... I hope I explained it fully for you, if you have any more questions plmk. Have a wonderful day.


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