Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lovin' the cover for 11/22/63!

My first impression of this cover was.... Wow, I love it!  My curiosity makes me wonder whether the first article is an original one possibly read back in 1963 by King?  I wonder if he had the first article in his possession or even how this particular article "JFK Slain In Dallas, LBJ Takes Oath" was chosen for the cover?   I think this cover will entice more people to give his books a go since it covers such a pivotal event in history. (fingers crossed that more people will read his work, they might find it as entertaining as we all do)  Even though I was born in '69, this event has captured my interest throughout the years.  I am so glad SK has chosen this topic to write about, it will be interesting to see how he "paints" the '60's and the death of JFK .   I love that the cover is "ripped from the headlines" literally!  :)     


  1. I was born in '70, in Spain, and JFK was important in my country. This cover is great, but, i thing, the book is better

  2. alcorze,

    ANYTHING written by King is the bomb! thnx

  3. Nice cover.

    Btw, Javier Bardem has officially signed for the role of Roland.


  4. Hi D.

    I'm still trying to get over my disappointment about Bardem. IDK I guess we'll have to see how he plays Roland.


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