Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mile 81 coming out on September 1

Did anyone win the Mile 81 contest and able to read it already?  No dice for me.  My ebook is pre-ordered and will be on my Nook on the first. 


  1. Give me a little info. What is this one about?

  2. Hi Kim,

    "Mile 81" is an ebook that was released September 1st. The cost of the book is 2.99 with an excerpt for 11/22/63 added which I haven't read yet. I have read "Mile 81" and liked it. The story is short but is extremely entertaining. Mile 81 rest stop is closed and boarded up for months. When from out of nowhere there is a unidentifiable stationwagon that is "abandoned" on the ramp. Good samaritans stop to help what appears to be someone in trouble but we all know that nothing is as it appears in King's books. Thank God! :)


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