Monday, March 14, 2011

"Herman Wouk is Still Alive" a NEW short story written by Stephen King will appear in The Atlantic

In The Atlantic's May issue, the magazine will include King's short story Herman Wouk is Still Alive on newsstands April 19th.  Herman Wouk was born May 27, 1915 known  for his novel War and Remembrance among others.  He published a novel last year by the name of The Language of God at the age of 96, which makes me smile to myself a little.  Mostly I smile because I think that Constant Readers could quite possibly get another 30+ years of King's writing, that is, if he so obliges.  Oh, and how I do wish he would oblige.

To read more about Herman Wouk click this link for Wiki

Update:  Ms. Mod posted Herman Wouk is Still Alive will be 24 manuscript pages and 6,460 words long.


  1. Sounds weird and curious...


  2. D.,

    Lol, isn't that why we read all his stories?

  3. Yeah. Because of the original ideas, the interesting themes, the full-blooded characters, the psychological insight, and the unique style. I'm sure this ss won't be an exception, just wondering about the plot.


  4. There is now a new short story written by Stephen King in the british paperback edition of FULL DARK NO STARS.
    It is called Under the weather


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