Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who will be the artist for "The Wind Through the Keyhole"? CAST YOUR VOTE

Cast your vote for your favorite artist "The Wind Through The Keyhole" check the full list

Some of the artists include:

Michael Whelen
Jae Lee
Phil Hale

These artists are my favorite.  This is going to be tough to choose just one.  Eeny, meeny, miney, mo will have to solve this decision for me because all of  their work is exceptional.  Who is your favorite?  PLMK your thoughts on all the artists,  I desperately need help deciding.  Thanks in advance.  Poll ends 4/1/11

Phil Hale

Jae Lee


  1. I disagree with the majority of the voters. While I like Whelan's art, he already did the first and last books, bringing the project full circle, so to speak. Every other book has had a new artist.

    In which case... it's a tough call. I'd say the Lee is an amazing artist. But I think that the comics was/is "his book". So in my mind that takes him out of the running. So that leaves either Donato or Manchess in the official poll, in which case I think I would prefer Manchess. Honestly though, I'd like to see either Vincent Chong or Edward Miller do the next book.

  2. Hi Tim,

    The voters seem to stick with what they know and what they are familiar with ie Whelen, Hale, etc.(me included).

    Maybe another artist should get a crack to work on a King project. Donado or Chong would be great choices.


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