Thursday, February 18, 2010

Question of the Day #5: What SK work would you suggest for a middle schooler to read?

My son (12) has shown some interest in reading some of Stephen Kings' works.  I wanted to get him started on some of his short stories, I suggested The Cat From Hell and Stationary Bike from Just After Sunset. (Stories that wouldn't disrupt his sleep TOO much)  He liked them both very much.  I also suggested The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon but I think the thought of him reading about a girl throughout the whole story didn't appeal to him very much.    

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  1. I certainly think you are on the right track. You might also want to look into "Night Shift" which is one my absolute favorite collection of short stories he released. Eventually (and hopefully), he'll grow tired of the short stories and want something more. At that point, I would hand him Misery. It's intense enough to keep his attention and short enough not to overwhelm him.

  2. I think he would also like the Nightmares and Dreamscapes stories. There are also some that are done in a mini-series that he might then relate to those stories. I think starting novel for him might be Christine. It is a fairly easy and fast paced read.


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