Thursday, May 13, 2010

Check this post on Cemetery Dance's First Edition 'Blockade Billy'

Some call me Tim wrote this essay on his blog:  The Nine Billion Names of Blog  
He has some real valid points on the first edition of Blockade Billy.

“Am I a Limited, or Am I a Trade?” An essay.

When the publisher Cemetery Dance announced Stephen King’s new novella, they touted it as their “biggest news in twenty years” of publishing. And it may well be. I’m not one to argue. They claimed that almost never, not since the 1970’s had King debuted an original work :  for full essay see post dated 05/02/10


  1. Thanks for the hat tip on you blog. Word is definitely spreading now. ;-)

  2. Some call me Tim,

    Your welcome, anytime.

  3. New blog post after phone conversations with the marketing director of Cemetery Dance... perhaps a change in opinion is in order?


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