Saturday, May 29, 2010

Which one of Stephen King's books was selected as one of 50 iconic book covers?

This was posted on Abebooks site:  In no particular order, AbeBooks presents 50 iconic book covers that we love. If you saw these particular editions in a bookshop window, then we believe you would stop and stare. Most have been around for some decades, some are very famous, some were famous, and a few have been forgotten. Every one is all worth a second look.

See which Stephen King novel got Abebooks vote for one of its 50 iconic book covers.  Original source for this post was Antenna Mag click for a short article on 50 most iconic book covers.

I was surprised to see there weren't more of his covers.


  1. After reading the article, I have to ask: Don't you think that they might be getting iconic books confused with iconic covers? I mean really, how iconic are the covers of Lord Of The Flies (just trees) or To Kill A Mockingbird (a single tree)?

    I don't have anything against trees, those are just two examples, but it seems to me that the maybe the books themselves are more iconic than the covers. Especially for The Stand, which is something like 80% of King fan's favorite title, and probably his most widely praised among others also.

    Just makin' an observation.

  2. Some call me Tim: The same thought occurred to me when I originally did the post. I'm glad you had the guts to mention that. Thanks for your post Tim.


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