Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Question of the Day #47: Stephen King has had many nicknames or words that describe him, can you think of any that I have missed?

Through the years, many people have lovingly nicknamed Stephen King. 
Here are some that I have heard:

(The obvious one.) Steve
Stevo (SKMB)
Stevie (his mother)
Master of Macabre
Uncle Steve
Uncle Stevie
Sai King
The King of Horror
Master of Pop Dread
Master Storyteller
Constant Writer
Richard Bachman (pen name)
Prolific author
Horror writer
Prolific writer
Scary writer
Revised:  1/6/11


  1. P.S. I finally left some recommendations from that blog post in April regarding SF for your husband...

  2. Some call me Tim,
    I'll go check out the authors you have suggested and respond on that post. Thanks


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