Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Nine Billion Names of Blog speaks with Brian Freeman Marketing Director of Cemetery Dance about 'Blockade Billy'

Genuine Billy, or, How I Was Given a Back-Stage Pass is a post written by Some call me Tim on his blog The Nine Billion Names of Blog.

Marketing Director of CD Brian Freeman contacted the author of “Am I a Limited, or Am I a Trade?” An essay, to inform him on the days following the release of CD's edition of Blockade Billy. The blog post gives the details on the 30 minute conversation Tim had with Brian on how the ball got rolling on all of the many editions of Blockade Billy


  1. Some call me Tim,

    YW :) I thought the whole thing was just so cool that you got to talk to Brian and really discuss your grievence with him. I loved reading your post. Way to go Tim!


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