Monday, May 3, 2010

Update: 'Blockade Billy' 2nd Printing up for grabs

This email was received this evening around 7:00 PM.  Just in case you didn't get this information from Cemetery Dance I'm reposting here.

From:  Mindy Jarusek

Hi there!

You're receiving this email because you ordered BLOCKADE BILLY by Stephen King.

Our SECOND printing, which was done exclusively for the libraries, arrived last week and has been shipping out the door by the carton. By the end of this week, every single copy will be gone.

That said, we've heard from several Stephen King "completist" collectors who needed this second printing for their collection -- especially once word started to get around that we used entirely different "cream" endpapers for the second printing to make it easily distinguishable from the first printing. (The copyright page was also updated.)

Several of these collectors pointed out that there will probably be very few "mint" copies of this second printing in circulation since they are all shipping to libraries, and these collectors really wanted one for their collection.

We talked it over and we've set aside a small batch of second printing copies for these serious Stephen King collectors, so if you need a second printing for your collection, please place your order in the next 72 HOURS. After that, we'll send the rest of these to the libraries.

You can place your order here while supplies last:

If you live outside the US and are still waiting on your First Printing to ship, please be aware that we're processing those orders as quickly as we can. There is some additional paperwork and trips to the post office required, but we are working hard to get you your copy as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your support of Cemetery Dance Publications!

~ Mindy

Cemetery Dance Publications
132-B Industry Lane, Unit #7
Forest Hill, MD 21050
410-588-5901 [phone]
410-588-5904 [fax]

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