Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The many states of Blockade Billy

Cemetery Dance Limited Print Run:  Blockade Billy 10,000 copies with limited ed. baseball card of William "Blockade Billy" Blakely 04/20/10  This edition was limited to 3 per household.
Cemetery Dance 2nd Printing :  This Edition is for Libraries only.
Cemetery Dance Signed Limited Edition:  350 Signed Limited Edition (see earlier post for description)
Cemetery Dance Signed Limited Lettered Edition:  52 Special Edition (see earlier post for description)

Scribner:   Mass Market Hardcover Edition
                     eBook 04/20/10

IMO there are way more than 10,000 Constant Readers worldwide.  I like the fact that King and his publishers are trying to make this edition available to all those who a.) might not have known about Cemetery Dance's edition or b.) couldn't get it before they sold out or c.) just aren't that interested in all the bells and whistles.


  1. Yeah, that is pretty cool that everyone else will get to read it! The more people that can read King, the better in my opinion. And probably better in King's too. :-)

    On the other hand (boy I have lots of these lately) I wish that Scribner would release a trade paperback instead of a second trade state hardcover... thereby retaining the collectiblitly of Cemetery Dance edition.

  2. On the third(?) hand, I'm excited that the Scribner edition will be collecting Morality as a bonus short... since I still haven't read my Esquire copy yet!

  3. Well, you can read "Morality" here - :)


  4. Pleasure is all mine. Btw, I have almost everything King has ever written ;)


  5. D I wish I had almost everything King has ever written! Awesome, good for you. I'm working on that same goal.


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