Thursday, April 29, 2010

Question of the Day #42: Would you like to see an annual convention held in honor of Stephen King and would you attend? What would you like to see it named?

Yes, there should be an annual convention in honor of SK possibly named King-Con, DarkTower-Con, or StephenKing-Con.  Now that would be a convention worth attending.  Let's see, Marvel artists Jae Lee, Veritigo artists,  Dark Tower artists, movie stars, authors, King rockin' out with the The Rock Bottom Remainders, round-table discussions, collectibles, the possibility of purchasing rare signed books firsthand, SK clothing.....   Heck yeah, I would make every effort to attend any convention that involved Stephen King.  Now I ask you, why hasn't this happened yet?!?  We need a place to celebrate our favorite author and his lifetime of work!!!!

*Post your thoughts or opionions in comments.

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  1. That would be flippin sweet! Especially if King attended himself.

    Although I suppose that would be out of the question, being how he is such a private guy and all.

    Either way, it would be a good time.


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